Sunday, November 04, 2007

koozh is kool

it is pronounced as koor. koozh is cool. actually, it is pretty hot. "rombo kaaram" as tamilians would say. very hot! we have it for breakfast atleast once in a fortnight.rather unusual thing to have but in tamil nadu in many villages this is what the people eat for breakfast every day.

how is it prepared? for those of you who are courageous enough to try it,here is a quick recipe from gb.

soak plain rice in water for about 8 hours.then grind the rice to fine paste in your mixer. add salt and a little water and keep it for 72 hours. then,change the water and add crushed green chillies and mix properly. put the paste of rice, some asfoetida and paste of green chillies in a kadai and add two tablespoon of cooking oil and two to three glasses of water and mix thoroughly for about half an hour in a low heat taking care that the bottom of the mixture doesn't get overheated.keep on churning for some time. the koozh is now finally ready to be eaten.

this is downright ethnic and the taste has to be cultivated.a poor man's breakfast,the woman of the house has to have great patience and skill to prepare it.the endresult would justify the patience and time taken.

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