Tuesday, July 31, 2007

the fear of 13

why is 13 considered to be so unlucky? and if the 13th of a month falls on a friday, it is supposed to be a double whammy.13th july this year was a friday. according to hindu mythology,it is actually a lucky number. the mayans worshipped 13 gods of the upper world. the aztecs climbed thirteen steps to their sacred places. the buddhists pay homage to their thirteen buddhas.the jewish prayer book holds the the thirteen principles of faith. friday 13th has significance in the islamic culture.

there are many who have gone on record to state that the number 13 has been lucky for them.and recently a 75 year old catholic who claims that he has lived his life with the friday 13 culture has met with lots of success.he was expelled from school on friday the 13th(he never went to school thereafter), he got his first job on the 13th, the second job on the 13th, the third as well on the 13th and a court case was decided in his favour after a struggle of 13 years. he concluded by saying that it is the attitude that you adopt that really matters. he believes that 13 is lucky for him and success follows.

a wheel-chair bound member of the legislative assembly from kerala is an anglo indian. simon britto. recently,he was allotted room no 12b in the mla's hostel. he does not want to circumvent 13. he wants to take it head-on. he is unwilling to succumb to such unfounded fears and superstitions.he is a marxist and a rationalist.he is having his room number changed. but the kerala high court does not have a judge's chamber numbered 13. aren't judges supposed to be rational?

alexander the great wanted to become god.he decided to have his statue built.there were already 12 for twelve gods(months).he died soon.jesus christ's last supper had 13 people on the table. and he was crucified on friday the 13th. apollo 13 met with an accident on 13th april 1970 due to an explosion of an oxygen tank. the 'upahaar' tragedy at new delhi occurred on friday 13th june 1997. those who have read agatha's christie's mystery novel thirteen@dinner know what havoc the number can play.in japan, 13 is considered unlucky. 13=4+9. 4 is pronounced as shi which means death. and 9 is pronounced as ku which means torture. there is a thirteenth friday every year while some years have more. year 2009 will have three of them. in brazil and columbia 13th is considered very unlucky. known as triskaidekaphobia,the fear of 13 appears to be universally prevalent.

on the other hand,manchester christian hospital recently celebrated the raising of 35,000 pounds sterling over a period of 13 years for its cancer research centre. they, therefore, consider 13 as a lucky number. i too am with them. i have had many good things happening to me on the 13th. the last one being a purchase of a flat bearing no 13. indian buildings skip the thirteenth floor and also do not have a flat no 13. mine was an exception. do i have any regrets? no.not so far. its value has nearly tripled in the last three years.

different cultures have different superstitions.and many events confirm what the people believe. it then becomes sacrosanct for the people of these cultures. however,it is best not to carry the superstitious baggage.as the wise say, it is all in the mind. think positive and you will do positive. think you will become the happiest person and you will become the happiest person. it is the secret of secrets. read rhonda byrne like millions of others and your life will be transformed. no more fear of 13 or friday the thirteenth.

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