Friday, August 03, 2007

anyone for piping hot samosas this monsoon?

i am a samosa aficionado.samosa is arguably,the most enduring of indian snacks.i just love it.i can take it at any time of the day and it can substitute my breakfast or lunch or even dinner. it is food fit for a king .like wada pav another desi fast food that i enjoy,i always go for the plump punjabi samosa. and who can do it better than 'kailash parbat'(kp). wellknown for their chaats,kp specialises in its two samosa is the samosa with tamarind chutney and chana gravy and the other with different chutneys,farsaan and yoghurt.the chutney is neither too sweet nor too sour.stuffed with potatoes and peas,this most sought after snack in indian cuisine,is believed to have originated in central asia some 1000 years is perhaps the best place for samosas at least in south bombay if not the whole of mumbai.there is cafe metro at marine lines famous for its mutton samosa and agarwal restaurant at charni road who make some heavenly samosas too.

last evening while returning from work,i had this sudden impulse to have a was drizzling. but that did not deter me.on the contrary,i was motivated by the refreshing rains to visit 'kailash parbat' and enjoy their hot samosas. arjun mulchandani,the owner, is a good friend and has been asking me to come over and taste the delicious sindhi food that they prepare. i am certainly going to do it one of these days.and also put it on the blog for the benefit of those who haven't tasted sindhi vegetarian stuff, am sure my foodie daughter l will also join me. she is alo a kp fan. she loves their paanipuris,bhel and ragdapatice. when i was collecting my parcel of hot samosas,the freshly made and hot gulabjamuns were being kept on the sweets rack. they were just too tempting. i decided to buy a dozen gulabjamuns.for my office colleagues. the occasion? india 's win at trent bridge! surely zaheer's and dada' superlative performances call for such a colleagues were seen chuckling knowing what an excuse i had thought of to distribute my favourite sweet.

samosas go well with gulabjamun and chai.when in kolkata i don't miss the opportunity of having shingara which is the bengali version of the punjabi samosa.and i have it with rosagolla and tea.there are the ahmedabadi,bihari and hyderabadi(luqmi) varieties too.samosas are deep fried and that is where the rub lies.wouldn't it be healthier to have baked samosas rather than fried ones? fried or baked, the small crisp triangular snack is a piece of magic and a treasured snack.

located strategically on the busy colaba causeway with its fastfood joint and restaurant flanked on both sides at the beginning of the pasta lane,not only does it satisfy the tastebuds of the sindhi population in that area and around,it has a large and loyal clientele from other communities and even foreign tourists who make a beeline for the sindhi meals.the surroundings are clean,waiters are courteous,service is fast and savouries have that extra zing and food is too good.and one can often hear the familiar conversation between two sindhis: "kedo haaal saain? haal sutto?


David J said...

mmmmmm samosa!
A favorite with my wife! Great comfort food potatoes yummm

gs said...

hello david
it's an all time favourite at home flies off like hot cakes! i agree with your comment.when i am a bit depressed,nothing like a samosa to lift up my spirits.

crazyBugga said...

my keyboard is covered in drool now, dammn it!!!


gs said...

hello friend crazy bugga is not all that "hot".

Lulu said...

yum, yum. dying for some KP samosas with chana gravy now!
maybe this binger explains your slightly expanded waistline ;)

gs said...

yes lulu,that certainly is one of the reasons.the main reason,however,is that i have not exercised for the last one month thanks to my foot injury.

edison said...