Sunday, July 01, 2007

hooha about 'crezendo'

hindustan latex corporation(hlc), a public sector undertaking,found its sales of condoms somewhat had to come out with a marketing gimmick to revive the sagging sales.the marketing heads got together and the result of the pooling of the brains was the vibrating condom,appropriately called 'crezendo'. a ribbed condom and a separate ring that can be attached and which vibrates with battery power. sales zoomed. but puritans from bjp in madhya pradesh,the party in power, raised a hue and cry.condom cannot become a sex toy they said.they wanted the product to be withdrawn. a letter was sent to the pm to ask hlc to stop marketing the sex toy immediately.

minister of health ramadoss intervened and said condom use was a must for safe sex and if a vibrating condom helped to give pleasure,condom usage would increase and it would help in curbing the population growth as well as prevent aids. bjp health minister in mp would have nothing of this argument and he blamed the congress and other parties who supported it, of damaging the hindu way of life.

eroticism is nothing new to has been there for milleniums.kama sutra and many other treatises encouraged the use of different types of apparatus that gave pleasure while having sex.there are various sexual and ritual tantric practices as well as their sacred teachings on what passion is all about and how to reach the pinnacle of ectasy while having the olden days there were many toys of different shapes and sizes which were used for enhancing pleasure during sex.

aids experts estimate that by 2020 one in every three indians will be affected with aids .after africa, india is standing in the queue to become an aids- afflicted nation. safe sex must be encouraged at all costs, if we have to save ourselves from self- destruction. the hullabaloo is totally uncalled for and should receive the contempt it deserves.


Lotus Reads said...

My goodness, does the health minister of MP really think that a little vibrating condom will destroy a man's soul? He should be out worrying about bigger issues, but they do love raising hell over the petty issues, don't they?

Many people ask me how India, the land of the Kamasutra, is such a conservative society today..most don't realize that along with the railways, postal system and the judiciary, Victorian conservatism was a legacy of the British.

Nice post gs!

gs said...

hello lr
these politicians try to make issues out of the process,there is also an unintentional service that they render.there is media publicity,more people become aware of the subject and the result has been an increase in sale of 'crezendo'! the common man takes his own decision and doesn't get influenced by these publicity seekers with misplaced defense of religion.i must also add that indians are hypocrites.they have different set of rules to suit their own requirements.we were a liberated society.the british brought in prudism and victorian are dead right.hopefully we will throw away these shackles around us over time.

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