Monday, April 09, 2007

vini,vidi,vici(i came,i saw,i conquered)

that is what shilpa shetty would have probably said when she was declared winner of the "celebrity big brother" bbc live show. when she was seen initially in this programme, she was considered a write-off and the odds were heavily stacked against her winning the show. as her good luck(looks?) would have it , jane goody(good for nothing) helped her to become a winner. with those racist remarks. shilpa became overnight the underdog. and in one brilliant sweep she got the indians,paks and bangladeshis supporting her. her tears melted their hearts. while some sceptics said how can she now cry when she knew what she was in for when she agreed to participate in the show in the first place. 'volenti non fit injuria'. when you knew the risks you cannot claim injury,they said.many others rallied behind her. "didn't we tell you that she is a good actress?". well-known feminist germaine greer who was in india recently paid her a left-handed compliment by saying that she is manipulative and a very good actress.

there was lot of debate on the racial overtones and britain itself came under attack for being racist. their leaders had to run for cover and do some major damage limitation exercises. tony blair wanted to meet her and the queen extended an invitation for high tea which shilpa graciously accepted. keith vaz,a labour mp took up cudgels on her behalf and it looked as if there was a groundswell of sympathy. shilpa magnanimously said that she did not think jane goody was a racist and it was only an off the cuff remark. goi gave the no-gooder jane a visa to visit india and see the truth for herself. jane goody apologised and made up.shilpa emerged the winner.and with it came a lot of money and goodies.

her friendly rapport with jermaine jackson earned her a special viewer.michael jackson.he saw her and called her to congratulate her.she literally swooned when she heard michael jackson's voice.that is one of her happiest memories in an otherwise bitter slugfest.

winning the 'celebrity big brother' was not just a coup for statuesque shilpa and her mom. she has come a long way from a young limca model at age 16. she has endorsement deals from scents to jewellery,a tv documentary,host show offers,a role in a tv series,a part in andrew lloyd webber's 'bombay dreams' and so on and so forth all neatly tucked under her beautiful arms. but then, success can be punishing too.while some love you for your achievements there are many more who hate you for your success.they dig into the past and pull the skeletons out of the cupboards.shilpa had to face that ignominy.screaming headlines in newspapaers said that akshay kumar with whom she had had a six-year romance had claimed in an interview that he had bedded her. she responded that akshay would never say a thing like that. and he too said the same thing.

like superstars of the silver screen,she has been visiting temples of late. after siddhivinayak came tirupathi to thank balaji for having showered so much fortune on her.she has now a battery of professionals helping her to deal with her new found stature.her london apartment in the trendy hoxton area of north london bought for about 1.5 million pounds, is abuzz with activity round the clock. her uk publicist,max clifford,predicts that shilpa will earn a million pounds this year and "the sky is the limit after that". he said that shilpa is considering a career in theatre. and don't good fortune and social work go hand in hand? a shilpa shetty foundation has beeen established with a corpus of 500,000 pounds sterling,towards the aids campaign in india. and she has her pet 'peta' project too to be funded. yes,the lanky lass has a big heart!

we have to accept certain things. like growing is inevitable.the rich and the poor.the haves and havenots.racism is one such is a part of every day reality, whether we like it or not. and it is not restricted to uk. it is there all over the world. in different forms. another way of discrimination.

all is well that ends well.shilpa is in and jade is out.jade's career has taken a plunge inspite of her public relations efforts on her india tour. she was hounded out by the media. she is not getting any tv offers. atleast till all this noise dies down. shilpa's comatose career is back on track. she need not worry about success in bollywood(she has clocked 45 turns on the marquee!) anymore. hollywood is beckoning her. and an unknown man too.after all amma knows best.she wants her favourite "mulgi"' to settle down.


David J said...

Great commentary. I don't watch these programs and wouldn't have had access to the English one but it is fascinating how human frailty is exposed unwhitingly for us all to marvel at and explore. Somewhere in there amongst it all are the lives of real people. Along the way real life appears to mingle with celebrity and before you know it no one can tell the difference!
It's amazing that people can expect that real feelings won't be hurt just because it is only a TV program. I doubt our emotional selves are unable to make the distinction. What a price to pay for fame.

gs said...

hi david
what you say is absolutely right.but then that is reality tv! you are not putting up a are seen as what you really are.when the camera is continuously exposed on you,your true nature has to 'celebrity big brother', we had 'big boss' on indian tv.almost parallely.that also created a big ruckus.

rums said...

uncle, somehow i feel a little uncomfortable with this entire reality TV thing. would love to discuss the issue with you sometime and pry out your thoughts on the same.

Lotus Reads said...

And now she's back in the news after the infamous Gere kiss. I saw the press conference she gave and I am in full agreement with her...I think the Media, especially the 24-hour news channels, have lost their sense of priority...seems like they only want to focus on the sensational. Again, I was struck by how articulate she is and how she wasn't at all afraid to speak her mind.

gs said...

hi rums
yes,it is disturbing.will discuss this with you on my next visit to delhi!

gs said...

hello lotus
the 24hour news channel are showing it 'ad nauseum' and it is all over in the newspapers;pictures in slow motion.richard gere embracing and planting a kiss on shilpa's cheek and shilpa with an expression of sheer delight.what a mountain out of a molehill!and bjp and other nationalist parties have jumped into the fray demanding apologies from both.
i am a fan of shilpa.she has said that she has done nothing wrong.and she is right.that will put the media on the defensive and am sure this issue will just evaporate as fast as it came.