Wednesday, April 04, 2007

favours and flavours from four southern states

it looks as if one new restaurant crops up every day in would be worthwhile to dig into the stats and see whether it is true.
'south indies' is the latest addition to that long is a south indian vegetarian eatery. you get tamilian,keralite,kannada and andhra food. and the different varieties in each ethnic group.the fare adds up to a huge choice.there are around 3000 authentic recipes on their platter.there is more to south indian cuisine than upma,masala dosa,onion uttappam and conjeevaram idli.

i had guests from toronto and l's inlaws who have moved to bengalooru from muscat and l's aunt too. when i suggested 'south indies' , none of the bengaluruians had heard of this new restaurant and they wondered how come i who live in mumbai knew about it. the fame of good food combined with a beautiful ambience spreads fast and far and wide, i said.

nothing could be closer to the truth.from the time we entered this upscale veg eatery,we were pampered like some royal patrons.this fine-dine restaurant is excellently furnished and it has got a five- star feel about it without its trappings. a long felt need fulfilled. you get a home-like can sit out and enjoy the greenery while eating or like us, eat in a private dining even has a mini library,wifi,tv and an international wine can even sit on high stools and watch the chef preparing your meal,teppannayakki style, often supervised by venkatesh bhatt(second picture from the top). one can even conduct a business lunch in privacy.

master chef and ceo venkatesh bhatt met us and suggested that we have the vegetarian thali.what we got we did not bargain for.the kerala favourite aappam and stew,tamil and authentic kal dosai,paranthas(some hyderabadi influence),tomato pappu from andhra pradesh,paneer gassi from karnataka, hot andhra sambhar and rasam,karnataka vegetable curry and dry vegetable,curd and pickles.and of course followed by steaming white rice.and a fruit dessert.the food was delicious.the selection of this hotel was the right choice. my guests were overwhelmed. and i got value for money. the cost of a plate came to rs 175 plus taxes. food unlimited.

while leaving,i picked up a book titled "the four flavours".it has a collection of images from all the four states.published by "south indies".and who said software and gastronomy don't go least the entrepreneur behind this authentic south indian food joint has shown that your mind has to work like a geek to achieve such a unique blend of south indian food.

next time you are in bengalooru head straight from the airport to indiranagar,hundred feet road.close to the post office is located this lovely place. the epicurean's delight. have a good meal and it will see you through the day or night. you will have no regrets.


Lotus Reads said...

A 1000 thanks for the recommendation, gs! Wouldn't it be funny if my people in Bangalore haven't heard of "South Indies" and here I am from Toronto, recommending it to them? :)

We were going to make a trip to Bangalore or Bangalooru in December, but now we've decided to go next July...

Hema said...

I am really astonished to see that somehow you identify a fantastic restaurant.I really feel bad that i missed this 'south indies' when i was in bengalooru.Thanks for the info mama

david mcmahon said...

Hi Lotus and Gopal,

You guys are pure evil. Here I am, ravenous pre-breakfast, and you carry on about all this amazing food.

D R O O L!


Lulu said...

hi appa,
the four states thali sounds delicious! look forward to trying this restaurant on my next trip to bangalore.

rums said...

you know uncle, when i was growing up, during my trips to cal i used to be highly amused at what many people there passed off south indian food as 'idli-dosa' cuisine. i'm glad that restaurants like these are finally coming up and introducing people to the rich culinary traditions of the south. i wish these guys open a branch in gurgaon and cal :)

gs said...

hi rums
funnily enough all south indians in mumbai are referred to as may be from kerala or karnataka or andhra.but to the average mumbaikar you are a madrasi.and the only south indian food the mumbaikars heard of would be idli and dosa.hopefully that image will now be changing.chettinad food and hyderabadi cuisine are things to die for and thankfully restaurants like 'south indies' will introduce these delights to the foodies from non-southern states.

gs said...

hi david
wrong time to read my time choose a post dinner time.thanks for peeping in.and the good news is that i have finished reading vv.a review is on the cards.

Akshu said...

Hi there,
I stumbled upon your blog by accident when I was goolging "the south indies". I ate there about 10 days ago when I was visiting family in bangalore. The menu was so fascinating, I kept flipping through it during our dinner. Lots of the dishes were unusual, and very tasty. The parting gift from the chef-- a bharni with chutney was a nice touch. I am really impressed at the quality of new dining places in india. My only regret I didn't pick up a copy of the book!

gs said...

hello akanshka
thanks for your is really a terrific place.both the variety of food and the ambience.eating out is becoming more and more popular with the disposable income rising.and more such ethnic joints are sprouting.there are restaurants with international flavour a cuban restaurant that has come up in bangalore.which i propose to visit soon.
best wishes.

rupag said...

madrasi now..but I remember in old mumbai one of my aunts MIL (not a southie) used to call her and the rest of our clan mangloori...he.heee!

Raji Krishnan said...

"Hey thats a yummy read! :D Making me hungry as always.. hmm.. being a blore foodie..
m sure u ve tried out fava? the med restaurant.."

gs said...

hi raji
thanks for peeping in and giving your comments. actually, i live in mumbai and travel to bengaluru occasionally and not very frequently as i used to several years ago.haven't been to fava. it looks fantastic on the facebook. thanks for the suggestion. will keep in mind when i visit bengaluru in june.