Tuesday, April 03, 2007

desserts-in the twinkling of an eye

who doesn't want to end up a hearty meal at home with a homemade dessert? but then, aren't desserts difficult to make? "no", says indu jain. she has come up with a nobrainer.instant eggless dessert mixes.the company is called 'abind' foods.she is now the unofficial national champion of vegetarianism overtaking maneka gandhi.such split-second desserts have not come easy.

a lot of hard work.patience and perseverance. the result is very sweet. chocomousse mix,doughnuts,eggless cakes and even tiramisu and marzipan.many indians who travel abroad carry these mixes with them which come in packets of different sizes.

indu jain has big plans.sugarless cake for diabetics for instance.differntly flavoured puddings.these diy(do it yourself) packets contain simple instructions which are very easy to follow.

making desserts is a distant dream for novices no more.and if your better half is not cooperating ask her to step aside and whip out an easy to make eggless wonder.

indu jain has plans of franchising 'abind' to about 20 outlets in chennai initially.she belongs to a generation of young marwari female entrepreneurs who are now making it big on the business scene.


Hema said...

mouth watering mama and that too eggless desserts.I tried to find Indu Jain's website but i was not able to get it.If you happen to find it kindly inform me.

gs said...

hello hema
i don't know whether she has a website but she can be accessed on her cellphone on 9945020127.
give her a buzz and get more info.try 'www.namdhari.org ' as her mixes are available in their outlets.

Lotus Reads said...

Wow, wish I had read your post earlier, gs, I would have asked my husband to pick up some for me, he has just returned from a long trip in India and the Middle East. Thank you for always sharing new and nice products with us...I find it incredibly useful to know about these things.

gs said...

hello lotus reads
thanks for your comments.indu jain's products are relatively new;hence many people don't know about them.i am surely going to pick up some when i go to bangalore or chennai which may be next week.if any of your friends from toronto are visiting mumbai,do let me know.i can send some packets through them.