Sunday, December 11, 2005


Khushboo,Suhasini and Sania.What do these three women have in common? The first two are superstars from Tamil Nadu filmdom.And Sania is the tennis sensation from Hyderabad who recently appeared in the cover page of the Time magazine.

And what did they say or do that created so much of hungama? They had a different view on premarital sex from many others.And they dared to express it.Overnight,Khusboo's popularity crashed and Suhasini who came to her rescue found out that she too was in the doghouse.Sania very quickly retracted her statement.

Khushboo,39 years old,and mother of two said that men should not expect their brides to be virgins anymore.There is nothing wrong with premarital sex as long as it was protected sex.She also wondered whether all Tamils were chaste.

All hell broke loose;she was pelted with stones,chappals and rotten eggs,her house attacked and hundreds of court cases slapped on her.She went on the air and TV and apologised.Her detractors would not bite it.The sense and sensibility of the Tamils had been severely hurt.

Some came to her rescue.Many did not.It was too volatile a subject and no one wanted to burn their fingers.

A few days later,on HIV-AIDS Day,Prime Minister Manmohan Singh spoke about a change in attitudes that was required and suggested that one ought to be careful in sex as the danger of AIDS was lurking otherwise.Many said that Khushboo stood vindicated.

Many issues came up for discussion and debate. Freedom of expression,north and south,English media and Tamil media.By advocating safe pre-marital sex,Khushboo has attacked family values.It is an assault on family values and Tamil culture said the Dravidian protogonists.

Khushboo who runs a very successful programme for Jaya TV,was not spared by Jayalalitha either.Though initially there was no major reaction after her statements,Sun TV raked it up and raised the frenzy to embarass threir arch-rival JJ.Khushboo, in whose honour temples have been built by her fans, also appeared in the cover page of a film magazine kissing another woman.

In Tamil films there is more vulgarity and cheap sexual thrills than in Hindi movies.And the fans like it and lap it up.Why then this hypocricy? Doublestandards?

Khushboo has lost her khushboo.It is now Badboo.


Lulu said...

Can't believe the double standards in our society. Agh!

rums said...

more than double standards, i think it is politics. why even the great lady herself, jayalalitha, kept mum, despite her being the 'other woman' in her mentor's life and facing some very humiliating moments in her life.
uncle i have tagged you for a meme, all you have to do is list out your 10 most favourite foods.

gs said...

i think it is more to do with politics.initially for some days after khushboo shotout those famous words,there was no reaction.then,SUN TV(owned by Dayanidhi Maran) thought it was a godsent opportunity to shoot at jj while riding on khushboo.because she is the host in a show in JAYA TV which has the highest viewer rating.Incidentally,Maran is the nephew of Karunanidhi,JJ's archrival and sworn enemy.Khushboo's remarks had touched the Tamil nerve.With a few by-elections to take place soon,JJ would be committing harakiri if she were even seen to be supporting Khushboo.So Khusboo became the sacrificial lamb.

edison said...

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