Monday, December 12, 2005


There is good news for connoisseurs of red wine.Recent studies done in Harvard,Switzerland and Milan have suggested that a compound found in red wine,peanuts and grapes can slow down the aging process and help in increasing lifespan.

The compound is a natural antioxidant called resveratrol.The latest discovery could result in development of drugs that extend life or treat patients for Alzheimer's,Parkinson's,cancer,atheroscelorosis and brain disorders.A team of researchers at the London School of Medicine and Queen Mary University found that a group of chemicals called polyphenols decreased manufacture of endothelin-1 in the walls of the arteries which is the likely cause of buildup of fatty substances that lead to heart attacks.

A glass or two of red wine a day improves vital body functions.It has a protective effect on our health even at the level of the common cold.And 'Cabernet Savignon' topped the list of red wines having the most positive impact on health.

The best thing of course is not to go overboard after reading these reports.Alcohol in red wine is a known toxic and therefore the consumption must be kept low. And to reap the benefit, consumption must be consistent.We have to keep things in perspective.What is the message?

1) Stick to a balanced diet.
2) Do regular exercises.
3) Have a non-excessive lifestyle.
4) And wash it down with 2 glasses of Cabernet Savignon!.

Cheers! Red wine is sublime.


Lulu said...

great news for me as i have been having a lot of red wine lately!

rums said...

me too! i love red wine and that's what i drink now. come to think about it, i haven't touched anything else since i got pregnant!

gs said...

i have made it almost a tall glass of red wine at least twice a week.and why not.comeon.thinking of it,i think we all deserve it!

edison said...

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