Thursday, September 15, 2005

To Hell With The Mullahs and Maulvis

Let them go to hell."Woh,jannum mein jayen".How can they criticise our "Sania" for wearing a skirt while playing tennis.The poster of Sania walloping a tennis ball has become the sore of all m and m eyes.And a Madrasa student was severely reprimanded for hanging such 'obscene' pictures in his hostel room.When questioned he cooly replied that he was a fan of Irfan Pathan too.So,what's your problem,he asked his teacher.And the debate rages on.The m and m are a divided lot on this issue.No official 'fatwa' as yet been given.But Sania is ubercool about it.She says she does namaz 5 times a day and is a devout Muslim.Her parents regularly go on Haj piligramage.And if the dress code in international tennis demands skirts,what the heck?

And after Flushing Meadows she has jumped to 34th ranking.The AP Government have presented her with a Rs 25 lakhs cheque.(Wonder whether it was the return of the sleaze money from Volkswagen) And though Sania crashed out of Bali in the first round both in singles and doubles she is now all set for setting Kolkata on fire next week. And I hope to be there at that time.Let me see if I can watch her playing live.Also by then she would have lost a few kgs.She is on a diet now,as her weakness areas have been clearly identified.It is not the service dude,it is biryani and Barista!.


Adarsh Krishna said...

You can find some more interest stuff on Sania

--- Adarsh Krishna

rums said...

uncle, you are right about these m&ms, it's really disgusting. but i guess the media is to blame as well. they love to project such stories and give them plenty of space. such fanatics should be ignored or better still made fun of.

gs said...

thanks adarsh,i'll do that.and rums,the media also has to take share of the blame.i understand that security is beeing beefed up and no chances are being taken.i'll give you all a first-hand account.

Lulu said...

aaaaaaaaaaaagghhh....really makes me mad when self-proclaimed righteous groups impose their views like this. rums is right. the media should give them no attention at all. just wish they would leave her alone to concentrate on her game.

Anonymous said...

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