Sunday, September 04, 2005

Cindrella Sania

Cindrella Sania
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I was awake into the wee hours this morning.I seldom do that.Tonight had to be an exception because Sania was playing her fourth round in Flushing Meadows.And I didn't want to miss the excitement.Lucky Lulu who was sitting in the gs box and getting a fantastic view.The day appeared to be exceptionally sunny,less windy and ideal for our Cindrella to put up a great fight.But she surrendered meekly.Her service was appalling and that finished her.Groundstrokes were great,she shook up Maria somewhat several times but it did not last.Good groundstrokes alone don't win you matches.Basically a baseline player, she seldom advanced to the net.And how could you if half your first serves are faults and then you serve a meek second which gets converted into a winner by the opponent.The message is clear.Better dramatically improve your service.Jack Farrington better do it fast.Then she can get into the world's top ten.Sania Mirza can do it.But then six double faults cannot win you matches.


rums said...

the reason she played like she did was also because she just stopped fighting, she kinda gave up.

gs said...

i think when sania lost the first set, she knew it was getting over. and maria's service was just too intimidating. and her response was woefully was not sania's day;otherwise the score would have read better.

Lulu said...

it did seem like the 59 minutes that the sania vs sharapova match took flew by before i knew it! but i'm willing to cut her lots of slack as she has a looooong way to go in getting as physically and mentally fit as the other players on the WTA. that was pretty clear especially after the seeing the next match - venus vs serena. wow, the williams sisters are in another league altogether. i even feel that sharapova paled in comparision to them.

gs said...

sania has to become mentally and physically fitter.and i think she can get into the top ten soon.after flushing meadows,her world ranking will go upto 32 or so.that itself will be a pshycological boost for her.and if she improves her serve considerably and volleys at the net, we have a world no 1 in the works.

Anonymous said...

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