Saturday, September 17, 2005

Tarannum no more in Tanishq

After playing ducks and drakes with the police for sometime,the infamous crorepati dance girl has finally thrown in the towel.It all started with the income-tax raid on one of the dancers of Deepa Dance Bar.This famous nightspot located at Vile Parle has been shut since August 14 when the bar ban came into effect.It boasted of a clientele of the rich and famous and had some of the best looking bardancers in town.Tarannum alias Tannu is now secure in the net.She is a little more than 20 years of age and has amassed a fortune that could be the envy of every apsiring crorepati.A huge and posh bungalow 'Tanishq' at Andheri,imported cars,several flats,bank lockers stuffed with cash,and gold and diamond jewellery.Now,the question that is being asked is how come a young dancegirl could make so much money in such a short period.

Skeletons are tumbling out of the cupboard,one by one.Her links with the betting syndicate,and filmstar Aditya Panchsholi,even Srilankan 'doosra' expert Murlidharan.The underworld too.More than 100 phone numbers were stored in her mobile phone.And some of her friends, the grapevine says, are in the present cricket team.A quick message.If you want to make money fast,bet on our cricketers!Totally 157 people have been charged by the police and they have made a few arrests.

Drops of water make an ocean.Tarannum alias Tannu started small with small bets and then raised the 'bar' to dizzy heights.


rums said...

uncle i feel bad for the girl though. she is a soft target, being a bar girl i'm sure no one will come to her rescue. how come so many criminals with far serious offences get away?

gs said...

that is true.but then i have no sympathy for tannu.just because other bigger criminals are not caught,does not give her scope to go scot free.there are a few tannus among the bargirls who like her are shrewd and streetsmart and have done many illegal things to make money.and of course rrp is bent on bringing a bad name to bargirls per se and therefore they have decided to go for her with all the force.unfortunately this case will also disappear from public memory very fast and everything will soon be forgotten.there are very few scams that are taken to their logical conclusion.

Anonymous said...