Thursday, July 28, 2005

Collins English Dictionary-The New Edition

Indians have always fascinated the British. After our cuisine(nan and chicken tikka) for which they have fallen 'hook,line and sinker' and their recent attraction to Bollywood,it is now the turn of our hindi,theek hai? The latest Indian attraction in Britain is "Hinglish". And who gives the seal of authority.Collins.

According to their new edition reccently published,Hinglish is a fusion of Hindi and English. Words to be used in everyday English in the UK. About 30 new words have found their way in the dictionary.Badmash and haramzada are some of them.When young we were told that if we wanted to learn a language fast,learn the bad words. It looks as if Collins is following that theory.

Of course,besides the hinglish words,there are some new english words,e.g. scrote,band-aid baby,scunnered,bird flu,hobbit and green-light district!.Really,a "gaggle of new entries". And the best of all-vuvuzela (an elongated plastic instrument that football fans blow to make a loud noise identical to the trumpeting of an elephant). I am sure my soccercrazy friends in Kolkata are listening. My next posting will be on their Bonglish.