Monday, July 04, 2005

All That Glitters Is Not Gold.

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Mariya,Mariya,Mareeeeeeeeya!.Remember that old hitsong. That was what was on everybody's lips last week at Wimbledon when she was playing Venus Williams in the semifinals. But chanting of that mantra did not help the women tennis's fashion diva from crashing out.

Tall,goodlooking,longlimbed and blonde ,Maria Sharapova had established against her opponents that she had no feet of clay. She made her feet glitter. The sweet seventeen had just turned eighteen. The superstar wore 18 carat goldstudded sneakers for Wimbledon. She became an ambassador of the yellow metal. Her tennis cloak had gold details,and even a gold zipper.Long gold danglers,which complemented her golden mane.She went around with a gold trimmed bag. Gold prices in the bullion market started shooting up and was expected to reach stratospheric levels. Such was the sudden demand for gold.

But then all the psyching she did on her opponent did not help her. Venus remained unfuzzed and quietly stole victory.Maria's grunt while serving which is worse than a siren not withstanding. At the end it was a dejected Maria who walked away carrying all the gold sans the golden Wimbledon cup.She learnt a hard lesson.Gold does not always glitter.

But then offcourt she continues to win.Her businesses are flourishing.She even has a mobile phone named after her(Maria Moto),a mobile game and a perfume too.She has a keen eye for business and wants to become a fashion designer some day.Her 18 million dollar looks surely will help her.

And there is an icon and rolemodel for our Saniabeti. And a message. "I know what I am good at and I will stick to it."


rums said...

i quite admire these tennis kids. i can't imagine how distracting all that money, fame, adulation etc must be yet they put in their best and continue to break records.
uncle did you watch federer playing roddick in the men's final? i can't get over federer's calm and near perfect game!!

Lulu said...

i thought that venus defeated sharapova in the semis?

rums, i did watch the match and thought that federer is quite the champion but i feel for roddick though and was really rooting for him.

gs said...

rums,i did watch the finals.frederer played like a robot with an awesome service.and poor roddick was running around like a kid.
yes,it is nice to earn money and fame.but there are only a few who are able to maintain a balance.most of them go bonkers.and that sense of purpose starts diminishing.our cricketers are living examples.though it is a bit different when it comes to tennis players.saniabeti has a long way to go.hope she keeps her head on her shoulders.

gs said...

sorry and thanks for the correction are right it is sharapova and not kuznetsova. oh,these russian names! and i am correcting it in the posting as well.

Anonymous said...

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