Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The 'Y' factor

Yet another proof of the wonder of Yoga.The complete decimation of the Indian cricket team by the Ozzies in the recent series.The team has a yoga specialist called Kate Turner.Justin Langer,Martyn Hayden(no relation of diana),Damien Martyn and Shane Warne are all yoga practitioners.They recently visited BKS Iyengar's yoga institute at Pune and expected to spend about 10 minutes with 'guruji',the 86 years old iyengar from belur. he is also famous for having taught yoga to umpteen celebreties including yehudi menuhin.the yogacharya actually spent about three hours with them and put them through various poses and spoke to them about the root of the word yoga which is yug i.e. "to join".soul and supreme.so,it was a physical demonstration and a metaphysical discussion which the ozzies had not bargained for. they were absolutely thrilled when they learnt about the body mind connection from 'guruji'.
What an irony it was when an Australian newspaper reported that the secret weapon of India's defeat apparently has been yoga.


Lulu said...

Very interesting post! The Indian cricketers must feel like real idiots. I actually feel quite bad myself that I haven't gotten into yoga even though it's all the rage in the U.S!

gs said...

why do you think i posted that on the blog.we have a rich heritage which our generation is frittering away and others are tapping its rich potential.it is sad.i too learnt yoga at bangalore but have not been practising it.maybe what the ozzies are doing should be motivation enough for us to get back to some simple asanas for our well-being.

Anonymous said...