Thursday, November 04, 2004

Bush is Back

Much to the relief of those responsbile for conducting the US elections,George Bush won by a sizeable majority of popular votes,thereby leaving hardly any scope to Kerry to get into a litigacious mode.The nightmare of the last presidential elections still haunts these people who had to count and recount and handle chads and what nots.Technologically the most advanced country in the world does not conduct its elections using modern technology.What an irony!.In a developing country like India, EVMs(electronic voting machines)were used in the recently held national elections which were conducted very successfully.Maybe for the next presidential elections,the whole process should be outsourced to India!.
It was an interesting week with all sorts of speculations on who would be the winner and who would come a cropper.Astrologers,political analysts,psephologists et al entered the fray and tried to predict an outcome.Even the stockmarket was seen as a barometer by some on the election result.Indian astrologers predicted a Kerry victory.The 'Economist' put its prestige on the block by confidently predicting a comfortable victory for Kerry.The general newspaper reports said that it was going to be 'neck to neck'.
Interestingly,a poll conducted by a children's tv channel called Nickelodeon in USA on children aged between 2 and 11 predicted a 53 to 47 vote in favour of Kerry.This channel has been conducting such polls from 1998 onwards and it has always hit the bull's eye.100% success rate.When I read about this amazing performance,I waited with bated breath for the final announcement. Thought Ohio might still change the scenario.But then it didn't happen.Kerry conceded and for the first time since inception Nickelodeon failed.The rationale behind its 10/10 success rate is that children do not lie.They know whom the parents have voted for and say so when asked.Does it mean that these yougsters have outsmarted Nickelodeon.That needs some introspection.


Lulu said...

i'm amazed how much you know and are knowledgeable about u.s., you must be reading lots of magzines every day! which online sources do you depend on for all your information? is it just the indian papers?
i had predicted a bush victory but was secretly hoping that kerry would pull it off. but it all came down to a basic truth that those of us in branding know about - keep it simple! bush successfully articulated a core message that he heavily targeted to the right audience. kerry end up being too sohpisticated for his own good. heis message was confused and targeted at too many people. at the end of the day, simplicity is what won the game.

gs said...

well,simplicity is the key to many things in life.keep it simple and it is likely to be right.but then somtimes that becomes too 'simplistic'.
in my view,bush won for the following reasons:
1)usa and its people are obsessed with terrorism-obl style.they don't want to take any fact obl in his latest videotape released by al zazeera actually inadvertently helped bush by exacerbating the scare.kerry was not sure how he was going to tackle this issue.he had no alternative even bush has no clue.but then he hit back.therefore the credit goes to him
2)the three gs-gun,gays and god.that found favour with the people.basically,the american people are very conservative and religious.
3)the economy has picked up.why rock the boat?
4) the old maxim-stick with the known devil than trying out an unknown one.
and thanks for your compliments.yes,i love to read anything that is topical-je lo,ben afflek,yasser arafat,sharon.tony blair,cherry,et al.

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