Tuesday, November 30, 2004

In the name of the Father,sons,holy ghost,amen

Mother is the most beautiful word in the English language as revealed to us by the recent survey undertaken by the British council."Arre pagle,maa se badhkar koi nahin hotha".Or,"Maan main aa gayaa hoon".Still better,"aap maa ke pair chhuo,aur kamiyabi aap ki pair chhuegi".And still better,"Maa mere paas hai".

But then maa appears to be passe for some.Kokilaben has been relegated to the background and Dhirubhai has been resurrected.In spite of "Oh Dad,poor dad,mamma's hung you in the closet and I'm feeling so sad",the title of Kopit's avant garde play staged in 1962,it is now "Dad,love,tujhe love,mein karta hun!.".The father has been invoked,by the wharton educated Anil who says that Papa had warned him to be careful of "chamchas,chelas and cronies".A bit of brotherly advice to the elder Muks,stanford educated mba and chemical engineer,who in one stroke has taken sweeping powers from the Board of RIL on its July 27th meeting.A Rs 99,000 crores empire employing 88,000 people,having a sales turnover equivalent to 3.5% of india's gdp.Conventional wisdom had it that money takes precedence over human values.Who cares,what is corporate governance!.

Didn't the Bible say,"For the love of money is the root of all evil".And then there is the famous tamil saying "panam paathal,ponam pesum".(even a corpse would start talking,if it sees money").Pound notes is the best religion in the world.Anil says that they are not inheritors of Dhirubhai's wealth,they are joint creators.They-papa,muks and himself worked together like a joint venture and created what is today the reliance behemoth.Reliable or unreliable.Let me keep it for the next posting.

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