Saturday, August 21, 2004

Walking with the dogs

being a sunday morning,i was quite up later than usual.about 6.30 and got ready to go for a walk with sheilu and the dogs.after all they are inseparable!.well what we normally do is to drive till nariman point,park the car there and then walk up to hotel nataraj and then back right up to the tip of the sea and then get back to the car.the sky looked clear when we set off but then when we were walking there were some feeble intermittent drizzles.could have walked more but then at one point it looked as if there might be a heavy downpour.luckily that fear was belied.a) we didn't relish the ideas of mango and cherry getting drenched and b) i didn't want to get wet.
even at 7am the place is so active.nariman point.besides the morning joggers,the coconutwallahs and kids cycling fast and host of stray dogs,there was an ad shooting being set up.i believe it was for a choocalate firm.maybe cadburys,who knows.the paraphernalia is awesome.the vans,trucks,the cars for what was going to be a few minutes shoot.lots of young girls and boys wearing tight jeans and cellphone in one hand and giving directions to the errand boys with the other-all this was a funny sight.unfortunately,i didn't have my camera.i was pretty fascinated by the volkswagen beetle convertible in burgundy colour mounted on an old telco truck with the driver on the wheels and the whole truck being manouevered for the shoot.then batata vada and chai being prepared in a separate van.i am sure the guys will complete the shoot only around noon!

did not want to wait any more and drove back home.m and c enjoyed their outing and we have returned to our nest and our a lot of things to be done.before leaving for europe on 4th september.



Harsha said...

Hi Appa,

Very very interesting. Glad to hear that you didn't get drenched in a downpour. That's exactly what happened to us yesterday in Manhattan! We had just left the Whole Foods and it was bright and sunny one second, and then pouring down the next. We ran for cover but nevertheless, got our daily shower.

So how about posting some pictures of mango and cherry next time?



edison said...