Monday, October 04, 2004

My best friend-the laptop

I got attracted to it during my visit to USA in 1998.I visited a huge mall and was looking for some hightec stuff for computing.I liked the Toshiba satellite model instantaneously and bought it.It has been with me since then till a couple of months ago when I gave in to the temptation of buying a newer model of the same family.The laptop has been a great companion all these years.It has been used and abused.My daughter spilt a glass of water on the key board and it was out of commission for a few months till a new one arrived.Everyone in the family used it and derived great benefit.Till recently,I had preserved all my incoming and sent messages from day 1 in the outlook express.Surely,it slowed down the computer a wee bit,but more than compensated for it by the sheer joy it gave of being able to access these mails almost instantaneously.I will write more about my laptop in the days to come.This is only the beginning.For the record,my old Satellite has not become redundant.My wife has tucked it waway nicely for her use.


Lulu said...

I did not realize you have bought a new laptop! Congratulations...I can't wait to spill something else on it ;)

gs said...

hi lulu
well actually,i didn't want to buy a new one.i thought my old laptop was admirably serving its limited purpose.but then after my return to india recently,this new laptop literally fell on my lap.the price in indian rupees was ok,payment was to be staggered and service was line toshiba model at that price and payment terms was a,i fell for it.

Anonymous said...

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