Thursday, August 19, 2004

the waning monsoon

i woke up this morning with a good feeling.there was a small but sharp shower and i was quickly ready for my brisk morning walk.i combine a couple of things during this the daily bread and plaintains for breakfast and the most important purpose of the walk-the milk.that is called simultaneous multitasking to use a management jargon or parallel processing if you want to sound like a high falutin IT guy.
on return from this walk,i corresponded with my friend rangarajan who lives in new jersey in marathi in roman script.that is times gives him a kick because of nostalgia.and the deja vu factor.the words we use and the expressions are pehaps non-marathi but then the communication has been made,we have understood each other and that is what language is essentially about.
we have guests for dinner tonight.friends whom we have known for the last 35 years.i enticed them to come over for a power point presentation by sheilu on the egyptian civilisation.too good to resist;not that the iyengar menu is going to be less attractive. and then i propose to surprise them with my own ppp on my recent usa visit-redwoodcity,san fransisco north carolina,livermore et al.those of you who know kamakshi will be surprised to know that she too joins sheilu in the ppp and intervenes with some anecdotes of the pharaos and reminds me of the old chester barnard joke.he was too tired of making presentations.on one such occasion he asked his chauffer to replace him which the guy dutifully the end when the q&a session started, there were several questions on the intricaies of open heart surgery which he deftly handled.and then there was a toughie.he was momentarily at a loss. then came the masterstroke.he responded by saying "that is a very simple chauffer will answer that for you."christian barnard got up and answered that very difficult question.


Lulu said...

hi appa
how about posting some pictures of the monsoon as seen from oval view?

gs said...

hi lulu
thanx for the excellent suggestion.i will take some pics with my digi over the weekend and post them.

Harsha said...

Hi Appa,

Very interesting blog. I look forward to reading it everyday and getting the updates. How come no news today?

gs said...

hey harsha
we had sahs over at ov last to know more about egypt from was rather late.when we all retired to bed.and this morning your dad came over for i will make up for giving the pass tomorrow.
take care.

Raj said...

Hey Gopal Sheth!
Kasa kai? I happened to see your Aug. 19, 2004 email and exchange of corresp. between Lulu and Harsha and on the rain over Oval.
My brother's wife in Frankfurt saw this and brought it to my attention. I am writing from Frankfurt, and in two days I go home to NJ after 9 months in Chennai. Hope all's well with you and Sheilu and Lulu and Harsha and Ruhi.
This note is in keeping with the spirit of "chumma chumma."
Ya tummi US la, barra kaa?

Anonymous said...