Saturday, November 14, 2009

the indian curry is 'world's healthiest meal'

gurpareet bains is a 32 year-old anglo-indian chef and a british nutritional therapist who has created the 'world's healthiest meal'. the meal consists of a chicken and blueberry curry with goji berry(the himalayan superfood) and pulao rice. it is claimed that it is a superfood that can help fight cancer.while the spicy chicken meal does the job of fighting the cancerous cells,others like ginger,chili,turmeric and garlic which are known for their antibacterial and antiviral properies do their respective jobs and in aggregate the meal can take on diseases like dementia,alzheimer's and cancer. each serving is supposed to contain the nutritional equivalent of 49 helpings of spinach,23 bunches of grapes or nine proportions of is according to experts 20 times more nutritious than any specially formulated healthy meal.the winning factor appears to be the combination of two genres of food stuffs-spices and fruits, both known for their exceptional health took the indian "superfood" pioneer almost two years to make the meal perfect.

the scientific measurement of antioxidant in foods is done on a ORAC scale(oxygen radical absorbance capacity).this superfood contains 25,000 ORAC units.salads which come under the healthy foods umbrella have less than 5000 ORAC units. and do you know that a single teaspoon of cinnamon is the equivalent of two portions of grapes or a glass of fresh pomegranate juice? gurpreet has carefully chosen all the ingredients. for example,chicken has low fat.chilli helps relieve pain.turmeric keeps the heart,brain and joints healthy.

bye bye to greasy curry. welcome the new superfood.and await the best development chef's indian superfood cookery book showcasing the best in our superfoods and superspices. gurpreet bains is currently chef at 'indian superfood' and lives in bedford,uk.

the curry and rice according to food critics tastes pretty good.and costs only about rs 200 per portion.


Nadia said...

I love it!

gs said...

hello nadia
thanks for your comments. unfortunately, i am a vegetarian. have you tried it? the recipe is available on the net.

A Virtual Vegetarian said...

Hi GS, I eat Goji berries and well...all I can say it has the look and texture of raisins without the sweet aftertaste, maybe a bit astringent. Soaking them and then consuming them (raw) is supposedly most beneficial! However I don't care for the flavour of the soaked ones so I put a handful of them in my morning cereal.

While researching goji(pronounced gochi) berries, there are more easily available items like tomatoes and regular wild blueberries (found in India) that have almost similar maybe I think I will grow wild berries in my backyard!

gs said...

hi avv
tomatoes and blueberries have terrific nutritional and anti-ageing will do well to grow them in your backyard and continue to receive an uninterrupted supply.for me tomatoes are just irresistable.

Anonymous said...

32 year-old anglo-indian chef, but you got sacked from autoglass for shitting on the shower room floors.... Nice

Anonymous said...

Hi Gurpreet,
This is Priti. It was a fantastic food tasting affair last night in hollywood and I was glad to have the oppurtunity to meet you. I have become such a big fan of yours already and I can't wait to get my hands on your cookbook. I hope in the near future you will come out with a books for vegetarians. In the meantime I will try substituting the meats and seafood with tofu. Wish you all the best:)