Saturday, May 02, 2009

the zoozoos

my last post was on the mumbai jijamata zoo.this one goes one step further. this post is on zoozoos. what are zoozoos? they are human beings and nothing to do with animals or birds.they look as if they have arrived from an alien planet. they are the talk of the town.brilliantly conceived by o&m marketing agency,they appear in the vodafone ads.they are fun to watch and provide comic relief.

zoozoos are not animation,but small-bodied thin women under layers of white fabric.while watching the ipl matches, i came across these ads during the commercial breaks.the lovable big-headed creatures have already a huge fan following(thirtyfive thousand) in facebook and viewed 13,000 times last week on youtube.more fans than advani and manmohan singh.the girls shriek,"they are so cute'! unlike animation looking like real,this is the opposite. real people looking animated. stick-bodied creatures with egg like heads, they are a delight to watch. like the hutch dog ads this one too is a smashing success.

trick photography makes them look smaller than they really are.facial expressions were made out of rubber and pasted on the actors.their fast movements are made intentionally to make it look comical.the voices are also fast in gibberish multiplied several times.29 different zoozoo ads have been created especially for the ipl.merchandise like keychains,t-shirts and mugs and mobilephone stands are in huge demand.look at the zoozoos and enjoy the fun.more zoozoos and less cricket.o&m have achieved a bloodless coup for vodafone..

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