Tuesday, May 26, 2009

pearls of wisdom

recently a supreme court bench passed down some nuggets of wisdom. and it came from their personal experiences as the honourable judges claimed. we have to seriously give a thought to what they said. to the effect that if your wife says that the sun rises in the west, say yes and buy peace. the wife is always right.

it is happiness rule no 1 for all married people. when a divorce case was being heard in the apex court, the judges observed that the only path to happiness lay in agreeing to whatever the wife says.

how many of us married folks will agree to the hon'ble bench's advice, i do not know. there is a hindi saying that "hum sab joru ka gulam hain"(we are all subservient to our wives). perhaps the judges both from the north had this in their minds.when the supreme court judges have given a stamp to this maxim,is there any point in trying to breach it?

obey your wife and rule the world.


Hema said...

mama experience speaks!!!!!!But i respect Hari and we mutually respect and love each other.So touchwood life is cool...Anyways i agree with u

gs said...

you are lucky and blessed.respect for each other and mutual love are the keys for marital happiness.of course,the judges have a practical suggestion.that is not necessary if there is mutual respect and regard.