Friday, February 20, 2009

smile with pinky and her dad

in the hype and hoopla of the ten nominations for the oscar for 'slumdog millionaire',a short film from india on pinky,'smile pinky', nominated for the best short documentary has been strangely totally ignored by the indian many unfortunate children born in developing countries,pinky was born with a cleft lip.her poor parents had no money to have the corrective surgery done. she refused to go to school because other normal children shunned her. till she was luckily chosen for the operation.thanks to 'smile train' which teaches doctors in developing countries how to operate on a cleft lip. now her life has transformed and her father rajendra sonkar is overjoyed.she is also flying to watch the oscar awards ceremony. like rubina ali,the little girl from a mumbai slum who acted in 'slumdog millionaire'.'smile pinky' has been directed by megan mylan.

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