Wednesday, February 18, 2009


my mother-in-law who is in her nineties visited us in november last year and stayed with us for a couple of months. her burning desire was to visit the sai baba shrine at shirdi and pay her respects to him.i had to find out an easy way of escorting her to shirdi and bringing her back safely as she is quite frail of health. i was at my wits' end.the only thing that i could do was to look up to sai baba for his help.

last month,i was able to find some time in my tight schedule and took a day off from my work.we took the morning kingfisher flight to ozhar,the hal airport near nasik.we arrived at about 11.30. from ozhar it was a two hour drive to the shirdi sai sansthan.the road is excellent.therefore we reached shirdi by 1.30 pm without much of a strain. it was midweek and a working day.i was surprised to see thousands of people waiting for a darshan.

the sss is supposed to be the second richest shrine board in india after ttd at tirupathi.being the centenary year for sai baba's palki,the sss is going all out to improve the infrastructure out there. a railway station,an airport,better accomodation,darshan passes from mumbai et al to make the darshan and stay a pleasurable experience.the state government has announced the formation of a shirdi development authority to improve roads,water supply,housing etc in this small holy town.wider roads,skywalks,mutilevel car parking,gardens and medical facilities have been planned.

a friend of mine had arranged for a police van to accompany us to the temple.we were ushered in quite fast and we got a terrific darshan.i had to physically pull my m-i-l out as she continuted to enjoy the proximity to the sai baba and appeared to be in almost a trance. we were then taken to an ante-room and prasad was offered to us.we had to leave immediately for ozhar as our flight was to take off at 5pm. the return journey took longer time,almost two and half hours. at one point i almost gave up on the flight and was making arrangements for a stay overnight.we made it just in the nick of time.the aircraft was waiting for us to take off.luckily,i had the foresight to take return boarding passes from mumbai.that made the airport staff wait for that extra few was a miracle that we got on board the flight. and in twenty minutes flat we were back in mumbai.

i consider this to be sai baba's miracle. my m-i-l was overjoyed that she could have his darshan and return home in eight hours' time.quite a feat.thanks to our saviour,sai baba.i would not recommend such a rushed visit to anyone. neither shall i do it overnight's stay and darshan in leisure is what is is good for the heart and for the soul.


mangesh said...

Dear gs,
It was great that you could arrange the darshan for your m-i-l in such a tight schedule. To me, however, such a trip would have been boring one. Hope you understand my comment. I don't wish to harm anybody's feelings.It's the trust that matters.

gs said...

hello mangesh
i agree. in these matters one's beliefs,trust and faith are very get the right vibrations,if these elements are present.then the feeling becomes uplifting.otherwise,you are better off without making such a trip.

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Vanessa said...

I went to this place..really this is nice place. And I was feeling divine... Every body should go to this place