Saturday, January 17, 2009

a tribute to the word apple-apples,apple of my eye and 'apple'.

i love apples like i love many other fruits. but i think apple is the king of fruits.its benefits are multifold. 'eat an apple a day and keep the doctor away' is a proverb which is so very true.Either tart or juicy or spicy or crunchy they deliver more for the buck than many other fruits. quercetin in apple is a powerful antioxidant which protects braincells from degeneration in rats, and might do the same in humans.the apple skin is rich in disease-fighting compounds.according to a new research from germany when the natural fibre in apple ferments in the colon,it produces chemicals that help fight canceer cells.and according to a recent survey, seniors who eat apples regularly are 37% less likely to have hypertension.

my grandaughter is the apple of my eye. she is beautiful,intelligent,sharp and perceptive and very fond of her 'thatha'(grandfather). i enjoy every moment i spend with her. she is the apple of my eye.

i am a proud possessor of some 'apple ' products. the first one was four years ago when i got an apple 'powerbook'. two years later,i got the 'macbook pro' and now i carry along with me whenever i travel the 'mac air'. my daughter and s-i-l gifted me an ipod on my 60th birthday. i bought a 'ipod nano' when i was viewing apple products in a 'apple' showroom in bengaluru last year. i am a true macintoshian or an appleian if i can call myself so. when i visited my daughter and s-i-l in the bay area and later in new york, i always dropped in at the swanky apple showrooms/service centres.and spent hours looking at and using the various models of laptops and ipods 'apple' is so famous for.and listening to the "itunes".

i am a great admirer and fan of steve jobs.he is a rock star. he is brilliant,the like of whom will be very difficult to see during my lifetime.he founded 'apple' inc alongwith steve wozniac. some ten years later he was thrown out in a corporate coup. he came back and with a vengeance worked and developed the company into a superperformer.ipods,itunes and now iphones. extraordinarily creative, a born innovator,a visionary,an autocrat with a notorious temper, all rolled in one.steve jobs and 'apple' are synonymous. he has worked wonders for 'apple' in the last twelve years.its share price went up astronomically though now it has been beaten down because of the economic slowdown.

i was saddened to read that he is suffering from pancreatic cancer and that he has taken long leave for five months.very few survive for more than five spite of medical advances,no cure has been found for pancreatic cancer yet. i wonder why young and brilliant people fall prey to such a fatal disease. randy pausch another brilliant computer guy and MIT professor died a few months back felled by the same academics, when a good professor passes away,the loss is not as grievous as when a brilliant ceo in the corporate world suddenly find a replacement for steve jobs will be very tough.charismatic leaders like him leave such an impact that minus them, the company they led becomes rudderless sans direction and sans vision.unless a successor is identified and groomed.shareholder value crashes dangerously. i hope it is not the end of the road for steve jobs and that he come backs to lead the company for many more years.

for me the word apple signifies well-being,beauty,love and success.

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