Saturday, January 31, 2009

pub culture

what a shame! the recent incident at mangalore where girls in a pub were pulled out and beaten up is shameful and horrifying to say the least.the mangalore police response was very slow. after a lot of dithering the goondas were rounded sure they will all get off the hook.then comes the shocking statement of the karnataka cm who says pub culture is not for us indians and therefore it must far off rajasthan, congress cm gehlot joins him in chorus.and the latest to join the bandwagon is health minister ramadoss.

on the one hand we talk of equality.on the other we are so intolerant and conservative.are we a progressive nation? i doubt.
it is for the individual to decide.freedom of choice and speech is enshrined in our constitution.did the girls creat any public nuisance? no. far from it. who are these so called people trying to moralise the nation.actually,they are playing vote bank politics.karnataka cm's daugther says she disagrees with her dad.

in the latest issue of the 'outlook',editor vinod mehta quotes the american journalist,h l mencken,who believed that once you put a few drinks inside a woman,you are 90% sure of taking her into bed.surely,if mencken were alive bjp would roll a red carpet and welcome him to their fold.

i love pubs.when i went to england for the first time in 1979,i stayed there for about two months.almost every night all of us(me and my coursefellows) would visit the pub after a hard day's work.and drink beer.and plenty of it.the beer habit stuck on to me.even now i enjoy drinking beer in a pub ambience in any part of the what's wrong if women want to sit in a pub and relax by having a drink.there is nothing amoral about it.

bangalore is known as maximum pubs city.more than hundred pubs. a well-deserving sobriquet. and it has the largest number of billiards clubs too. all that will now vanish.thanks to our overzealous politicians.maharahtra dy cm went after dance bars.and after 26/11 he lost his job. now the karnataka cm is threatening closure of pubs. he may also meet with a similar fate.don't they have better things to do? like,e.g. mananging their states?

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