Sunday, December 14, 2008

a taste of bliss

people crave for bliss. they try all sorts of methods possible to attain something which is so very elusive.
some chant and meditate,some worship in temples,some do intense yogasanas to obtain kundalini shakthi.some engage in intense sex.
people are prepared to struggle to obtain that deep feeling of relaxation,a stressfree mind and body,a state of absolute calm and serenity.but then, there are some easy ways too to achieve bliss. "ghar ki murgi daal barabar". sadly,we take for granted what is easily available and start chasing a mirage. that is a common human tendency.

there is a plant called tulsi known for more than 5000 has remarkable has amazing healing powers.this legendary plant is known as the 'queen of herbs'.the green tulsi is known as sri or lakshmi tulsi and the purple one as krishna tulsi. an important plant for vaishnavites,because this scared plant is dear to lord vishnu. therefore it symbolises purity and brings people closer to the divine(bliss).

it has amazing healing is used in ayurveda for treating numerous has antioxidant properties,it is a painkiller,it is good for those who suffer from diabetes as it reduces the blood sugar level,helps those suffering from high bad cholesterol to lower their cholesterol readings. the aromatic plant is believed to promote longevity.

the other day while i was shopping in the bg club shop,i came across a box of 100% organic tulsi green tea. the manufacturers implore you to take a sip of ancient wisdom and relieve yourself from stresses and also lose weight. by drinking their blend of the finest tulsi and premium green tea. tall claim? i wouldn't think so. already after drinking two cups a day for the last fortnight, i can see the benefits. i feel more energized. it is like a balm which heals your body and mind. i love its fragrance and refreshing flavour. i make it a point to add fresh tulsi leaves to my morning pongal.( the thais use it extensively to add flavour and aroma to their is a very important element in their cuisine.)

tulsi means 'the incomparable one'. it is true to the literal is a wonder plant and tulsi tea is a wonder's winter here these days.i will therefore have it with hot water.and when summertime comes,i will beat the heat with icecold tulsi tea with a slice of lemon to add more flavour to the taste.

that is the route to bliss. don't hesitate. just go for it. you have got the elixir of life.


Lulu said...

hi appa,
nice post! is tulsi really the way to happiness? :) would love to indulge in lots of tulsi but i find that the plant in your balcony is missing? what happened to it?

gs said...

thanks lulu for your thoughtful comments. i believe,that it is one way of destressing yourself and getting fully relaxed. by drinking tulsi tea. the missing part is a bit of a mystery to me. i have been wanting to ask k about its disappearance but have been forgetting to ask her. between she and pappu they have kept my tulsi pot somewhere else. hopefully,i will retrieve it this time when i return.