Tuesday, December 30, 2008

beating blogger's block

it has happened to me many times.like writer's block,you come up against a wall,when you want to blog. and don't know on what topic you would like to blog. if you suffer from this problem don't worry . help is near. a twentytwo year young graduate from georgia tech college in atlanta, usa has designed a web-based tool which helps overcome blogger's block.called skribit, paul stamatiou has developed this blogger's cure. go to www.skribit.com. it must be good. within a year since it started,this website gets 4 million hits per month.

necessity is the mother of invention,they say.paul suffered frequent blocks while contributing to his own blog www.paulstamitiou.com which he had started in 2005.he put forth the idea in a conference of entrepreneurs,computer programmers and and marketing executives.with cofounder calvin yu he built the tool over a weekend.
when you don't blog for three days,people start asking why haven't you blogged in a while,he says.with skribit,blogreaders can vote on topics and post suggestions on what to write about. and the widget will sort them out by how hot they are.when the blogger uses your suggestion,you get notified.the key thing is that in skribit you get new ideas rather than just writing about what everyone else has.

users can suggest topics on the site.it can be anonymous or with a user account.then the blogger can read the site to get a clue as to his next post.also,he can post a widget of the tool on his blog.then suggestions will come directly to the blog.paul himself often uses skribit. the proof of the pudding lies in the eating.

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Lulu said...

hi dad,
very interesting post! i have added scribit to my blog - check it out!