Tuesday, August 05, 2008

kolkatans are large hearted

kolkatans are a kind and caring lot. if any proof is required, diki sherpa from sikkim will testify. she suffers from renal failure since 2000. both her kidneys have now stopped functioning. daughter of a lama, she has no money for her medical bills. but the rich & famous and the poor are all chipping in.

about rs 4 lakhs is required for her surgery.already about half of this has been raised.industrialists sanjiv goenka,sanjay budhia.harsh neotia and football icon baichung bhutia have all contributed. even those who cannot afford have generously donated. like raju sardar,a banana vendor and sanjay duley,22, a rickshaw puller from chandernagore with rs 1000 each,which is more than their ten days' earnings with the words "may god bless diki". various hospitals have given diki sherpa discounts on medical tests and dialysis.rabindranath tagore institute of cardiac sciences has offered to defray the medical expenses before and after surgery.

the latest news is that diki was operated for kidney transplant on july 30.it was a marathon five hours operation which ended successfully.it would take 72 hours for diki to regain consciousness,the surgeons said.

well done kolkatans. keep it up.


A Virtual Vegetarian said...

Heartwarming story...goes to show that you do not have to be rich to donate towards a good cause...truly a city of joy!

gs said...

hello a v v
you took the words out of my mouth. actually that was the title i wanted to give to this blogposting.a city of joy in every aspect.dominique lapierre couldn't have been more correct.thanks for looking in.

A Virtual Vegetarian said...

Hey GS....

AVV aka RupaG, forgot to mention it in the comment~started my own blog. Do stop by.

gs said...

hi rupaG
i guessed avv would be you and surely enough it turned out right! will certainly take a look at your blog.