Friday, August 08, 2008

"jaane tu, ya jaane na"

it is the latest candy-floss romance to hit the screens in the mutiplexes where the youth converge in hordes. aamir khan,the producer,has struck gold.he has hit the bull's eye. written and directed ably by 30 year old abbas tyrewala,the movie is all about love,friendship,jealousy etc. emotions strongly prevalent in the youth. and as a spinoff it appeals to senior citizens as well who go down memory lane when they watch such films.

the faces are fresh and appealing. the young lovers jai( imraan khan) and aditi( the south indian genelia d'souza) are very close to each other but do not realise that they actually are in love. or is it that they are in a state of denial about their love for each other? the bonhomie and camaderie among their tightknit group of friends is phenomenal. rotlu,jiggy,bombs and shaleen tell mala about the love story of jai and aditi when they are waiting at the airport for the lovers who are returning from the is a flashback. the two rajput cowboys who turn out to be jai's cousins are hilarious. paresh rawal as inspector waghmare does a good job. music by a.r.rahman is scintillating and choreography excellent.

son of amar singh rathore(naseeruddin shah), a proud rajput, jai is his father's exact opposite and a great embarrasment to his late father. jai is a mild,soft-hearted ,non-violent personality.something unheard of among rajputs.the dead amar singh now and again peeps out of his portrait and chides his mother(ratna pathak) about jai."he can be called a man only if he rides a horse,has a physical duel with someone and goes to jail".three important conditions for being a rajput. naseeruddin performs his role admirably.jai and aditi decide on their lives' course by trying to seek new lovers. when jai starts dating meghna (manjari phadnis), aditi gets very very jealous. she gets engaged to sushant (ayaz khan).he is the exact opposite of jai. aggressive,possessive and capable of physical challenges.qualities which aditi admires. but it is now jai's turn to turn green. he hits sushant when he kisses aditi on her lips.jai is jailed and teased and taunted by inspector waghmare who has a running battle with jai's activist mother.the rajput cousins come to jai's rescue.the experiment initiated by jai and aditi totally fails and jai and aditi realise how madly they are really in love with each is a happy ending with jai galloping on horseback to the airport to stop aditi from leaving the country. amar singh rathore emerges from the portrait beaming, proud os his son who has fulfilled all the three essential requirements for being called a rajput!

the youngsters are watching the movie again and again."how many times have you seen 'jaane tu?",' is the oft repeated question in the age group thirteen to twenty. and this is spreading like an infection. the youth are coming back with their buddies,their social networking friends and even their parents! imran,the fresh face,has become an overnight star.genelia too.

everyone is enjoying it. so what if pappu can't dance,saala!


A Virtual Vegetarian said...

Sounds like a movie to see, at the very least once?

GeneliaD is actually from bandra,mumbai (a "maka pau" or "sandra from bandra"...sorry for racial typecasting), she tried a lot for Bollywood, but no luck! Then she went south and hit pay dirt....I kinda like her acting...fresh and youthful, a much needed change.

gs said...

hi rupaG
jtyjn is very enjoyable.lovely to see fresh faces in imran and genelia.i had read that genelia is from the south.thanks for the correction.both imran and genelia who look like next door neighbours acted well. best of luck to them in bollywood.