Friday, June 20, 2008

thai curry in the air

normally,i don't eat on board the aircraft. unless it is a very long flight.generally, both the smell and the contents put me off. but i do take a look at the menu card and see whether the airlines are creative and keep changing their menu or whether they stick to the tried and tested pack. indian airlines now renamed air india offfers typical desi food.and occasionally some indian chinese. kingfisher's food is supposed to be excellent. i have tried it on a few occasions on early morning flights. yes,they deserve the credit. recently on a kol-mumbai jet airways flight,i decided to be a bit experimental when i had a look at the menu card and requested for a thai vegetable curry. and i must say i thoroughly enjoyed was delicious. it brightened my day.

the presentation was simple and the curry colourful and aromatic. fragrant rice beautifully garnished.

makroot and basil flavoured vegetable curry in red masala served with steamed rice and brinjals cooked in basil sauce. i liked it so much and even wanted to ask the airhostess for a second helping! i think our palates have an afflinity to thai cuisine. i have eaten thai food before. but this one was out of the world. a fine blend of sweet and sour.spicy yet subtle.i have heard a lot about the thai pavilion at the president hotel,cuffe parade and about their famous chef ananda solomon. it is time for me to test him out.


rupag said...

I am a very "strict vegetarian" as some may put it and a diehard inorder to enjoy the later I must cook the various cuisines of the world...

I travel and often pick up quaint unique ingredints needed the give the authentic flavour needed for the various ethnic cuisines.

I like the flavour of Makroot, my grandma grew "narthangai" lemons and used make us kids pluck the tender leaves from the many treese during our summer break and we used eat this "podi" that she made along with thayir the smell and flavour of those leaves remind me of very fond memories I had as kid!

I digressed from the topic, but GS I think you will like this type of food if you like the flavours of these spices and coconut of course. Bon Appetit!

gs said...

hello rupag
i was born in a mudhouse in a distant village in tamil nadu in a very orthodox tambrahm family. though my father worked in kolkata, every summer we would go down south during our holidays. both our grandmothers pampered us with delicious rustic food. i enjoy their flavours and even to this day at home we cook our mendi kozhambu, vepampoo rasam, karuvepallai tuvaiyal and have tayir saadam with narthanga oorga or tayir milagai oorga. for breakfast many times we have koozh or morkali. luckily, my wife is also a strong veggie; hence there is no clash on the dining table! our daughter is a great foodie,has her own blog and fond of continental and south asian veggie food.

Anonymous said...

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