Monday, June 30, 2008

a taste of the real ethnic stuff for mumbaikars

mumbaikars are excited.and rightly so.particularly those who are addicted to wadapav and zunka bhakar.the quintessential marathi manus snack is donning new clothes.its image is getting a massive makeover thanks to the shiv sena who are planning to set up a chain of wada pav stalls on a co-operative basis.once succesful,the branded wada pav is expected to spread throughout the state through a network built by a sena-sponsored association of vendors .

the hot fried potato sanndwiched pav is now being upgraded and will acquire the status of a desi burger.finally, jumbo king is going to face the help promote job opportunities for the locals,only maharashtrians will be alloted the sena sponsored stalls.there will be mobile stalls and uniforms will be in shaded saffron and the new avatar will be called 'shiv wada pav. like macdonald's, everything going into the wada will be standardised so that no two wadapavs will taste differently,said a sena spokesperson.

in a parallel development the bmc is planning to bring in a proposal to legitimise 184 zunka bhakar stalls functioning in mumbai but not having licenses. a new scheme called 'annadata aahar kendra' will be launched to revive the earlier scrapped scheme. shiv sena leaders are in discussions with bmc to see how existing kendras can be accomodated as many of them are in the no-hawking zone.

the state elections are due next year and the common man is the beneficiary for the largesse which the government and shiv sena plan to provide by making the wada pavs and zunka bhakars within their reach without much physical or monetary strain.

the waiters in the wada pav stalls will also greet their customers in typical maharashtrian style."jai maharashtra".