Tuesday, January 01, 2008

taare zameen par ( stars on the ground )

an outstanding movie.aamir khan has shown that he is not only a good actor but he can be a good director and producer as well.the story is about an eight-year old schoolgoing boy,ishaan awasthi(darsheel safary) who suffers from learning disabilities.he is under constant pressure from his parents to excel in studies like his elder brother. due to the handicap that he suffers, his marks are lowest in the class.he is dyslexic.it means a person who has difficulty with words.a person suffering from dyslexia has difficulty in reading,spelling and understanding language.ishaan's world is one of colours,fishes,kites etc.neither the parents of ishaan nor the school teachers understand the child's problems. unable to see his son performing so badly in studies,the father decides to send the boy to a boarding school where he will get 'straightened'.ishaan's mother(tisca chopra) is shocked at her husband's decision.the dominating husband has his way. ishaan pleads with his parents not to send him to boarding school and promises to do better in his studies. he is traumatised. the father is insistent. the boarding school has a reputation for reforming the worst of kids.strict rules and strict teachers to enforce them.the principal claims that their methodology has turned duffers into good students.

luckily for ishaan, enters ram shanker nikumbh(aamir khan) into the scene as a new class teacher. a different type of teacher.he does a root cause analysis.finds out the problem which the boy faces and with guidance, encouragement and understanding brings about a sea change in ishaan's self-confidence. after all wasn't albert einstein dyslexic,he asks. and leonardo da vinci,thomas edison,pablo picasso,walt disney, agatha christie and abhishek bacchan. and when i surfed the internet, i found many more illustrious persons who suffered in their earlier years from dyslexia. richard branson,tom cruise,anthony hopkins and keira knightley. and many more.the climax is when ishaan is declared the winner of a painting competition held for students and staff of the boarding school under the initiative of ram shanker nikumbh.ishaan's reading and writing abilities also improve remarkably.

the movie makes you sit up and empathise with the kid.the movie should not be missed.it is not often that you get such movies.the trio of shankar ehsaan loy provide the music.some of the songs are very hummable.aamir passionately enacts his role.tisca chopra as ishaan's mother is very convincing.cinematography by setu is superb.the cash counters were not ringing that furiously immediately after the release.but now it is a different story.

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