Sunday, January 20, 2008

ring out the old and ring in the new

that is what we are all supposed to do at the beginning of a new year.put the past behind you and look to the future.don't carry old baggage.take a positive approach and deal with life's problems confidently and energetically to achieve success in life. and isn't the 'bell' a very apppropriate instrument to signify this act of wishing for better things to happen.

the other day,i read an article in a metals magazine about the timelessness of a finely cast tuned bronze said that though the demand in europe was declining,the demand in the USA was quite strong and also in regions like asia and australia.would you think that an ancient communcation system would have a future in the 21st century? today,there is demand for bells one manufacturer said is not that people need them,but because they want them.and demand for bells is driven as much for their beauty and longevity as for their sound.

there are bells and bells.western bells,eastern bells,buddhist bells etc etc. and they vary in composition,shape and size.from small carillon bells to the giant bell which could weigh as much as 20 tonnes.the composition and design give the bells their distinguished sounds.generally the composition is 80% copper and 20% tin.some foundries add zinc and lead too.last year near the mount fuji in japan,the largest swinging cast bell weighing 36 tonnes was installed.its diameter is 13 feet!

bells were used all over the world in the medieval days as a communication system. a loud sound could be heard for miles away. while many go for new bells,the old ones are also getting renovated and restored. unlike in the past when ropes were used to ring bells,an electronic keyboard is used these 2001 when ohio state celebrated its bicentennary year,a new bell was cast for each of the 88 counties by using a portable foundry which travelled in a flatbed truck

bells always fascinate me.their shape, their size,the materials used for making them and the sound that emanates.the feeling of tranquility when you hear the bell chiming is awesome.our house is in in front of the rajabai tower(designed on the lines of the big ben at london) across the oval-maidan at mumbai.the chiming of the tower bell also reminds me of the value of time and that time waits for no man.

the role and function of bells throughout the history of civilisation has ranged from very mundane purposes to the sacred or profane.from mourning to is said that in europe christian peasants were more afraid of swearing falsely by the bells rather than the bible the bible,the sound of bells is called his "voice".it means divine truth.

there are many legends about bells.the great srivaishnavite acharya sri vedanta desika has an interesting epithet-ghantavatara,"incarnation of the temple bell" of tirupati. his mother while on the holy mountain had a dream that she swallows a bell and just as she swallowed this bell in her dream,the temple bell at the shrine of tirupati disappeared.the ritual bell is reborn as the child later known as venkatesa,the lord of tirumala.
the cathedral bell at avignon,france,rang on its own when a pope died and also it is supposed to have tolled nonstop for 24 hours.

the balinese bells are known for their superb purity of tone. the metalworkers in bali,indonesia, belong to a highly respcted caste called the 'pande'! i visit temples quite frequently and the first thing that i do is to ring the temple creates an auspicious sound.the sound from a good bell is uninterrupted,reverberating,deep and hindu temples,bells are hung at the entry and rung to inform the deity of the arrival of the devotee.ringing of bells is supposed to arouse the divinity within deities into which life has been infused.the sound of ringing of the bell matches with the chanting of 'om', the lord's universal name. it helps to drown the the inauspicious noises from outside which spoils the concentration of the devotee. it helps the worshipper to find inner peace. it is also believed to protect the devotee from the harmul effects of problems. according to 'skandapurana',ringing of temple bells absolves man from sins committed over hundred home also the bell is an indispensable article in ritualistic worship. it is sounded even before the actual worship commences,in order to invit the gods to assemble and drive away the evil forces. the body of the bell is supposed to represent the divinity of time,viz.,anantha,and the tongue the goddess of speech,sarasvati;the handle signifies the vital principle(prana) in the form of hanuman,garuda,nandi or chakra.

there are temples and churches all over the world famous for their of the oldest and largest bells in the world is from korea.made in 771 ad,it is 9ft tall and is 5 times the weight of big ben.the 500 year old chenna kesava temple at nandigrama generates the 'om' sound. made of copper during the kakatiya dynasty and weighing 25 kg,it has never been orissa,in the district of dhankanal,the mahimadharma temple has a giant size temple bell weighing 120 is made of eight metals,has a height of 5 feet,a radius of 14 feet and when harped it can be heard 25 km away. and then there is a giant 36 tonne swinging bellin gotenba city,japan,which is supposed to be the world's largest swinging has a diameter of about 12 feet and height of about 11 feet!

among roman catholics,the tolling of bells happens usuually during a funeral and before a marriage.on a regular basis bells are rung every day to announce the commencement of buddhist temples,it is rung 108 times;eight times in the old year and 100 times in the new ringing the bell you are supposed to have driven away 108 worldly desires.

our body is a living entity of vibrations and sound wavelengths.ringing of bell and chanting of mantras cause the mind to quieten and the body feels supremely relaxed.


Sushma said...

Hello Sir,

Happy new year and it has been a long time since I posted a message here.

You reminded me once again to do pooja regularly and chant vishnu sahasranamam regularly. I used chant every day. You know there's an All India Vishnu Sahasranamam federation's chanting event which happens annually at Tirupati in August. my parents participate regularly. I went thrice.


gs said...

hello sushma
how nice to see your comments.wish you and your family a happy new year too.doing puja bathes your mind the way the body gets cleansed after a bath.if you can find the time,do keep it up.and vishnu sahasranama is one of the most potent chantings.regular chanting can bring about a tremendous betterment in one's personality and prosperity.i am a vs buff and chant vs at the drop of a hat! i have not heard about the all india vs federaton's chanting event though i know of two groups one in delhi and the other in madurai which hold lot of vs connected best regards to your parents.and one suggestion.if you do not know the meanings of the thousand names,the best is to start knowing them at the rate of one or two a day.or even three.if you wish i can send you the meaning of three words every day.
may lord srinivasa bless you.

Sushma said...

Hello Sir,

Thank you for your kind words. That's really sweet of you. I remember my mother reads the meanings of names. It used to be a very big book where every word was explained clearly. I will try to get a copy.

Do let me know about the group in Delhi. I would definitely like to join and participate.

The federation I was talking about is based in Chennai and I remember talking to very old members of the federation. Just looking at their faces used me feel peaceful and happy. I'll see if I can find the card/contact number of that person.
I always happens during August 1st, 2nd. 1st day nagara sankeertana and they start chanting for 108 times day and night and last day finishes with maha kumbham(I think this is the name)

I hope to participate next year. This year I was there but couldn't participate.


gs said...

hi sushma:
sorry for the delay.the details of the group is:sri vishnu sahasranama satsangam,C-8519,vasant kunj,new delhi,110
vs is a great medicine and a fantastic stress-buster.

Bessie said...

Dr Taylor says: I believe that the more time we spend choosing to run the deep inner peace circuitry of our right hemispheres, the more peace we will project into the world, and the more peaceful our planet will be.

gs said...

hello bessie:
thanks for peeping in and giving your comments.dr taylor has expressed it beautifully. and that is what meditation is all about.and it not only gives you peace; you spread it like an infection.the peace process will grow exponentially ultimately benefiting all humankind.

gs said...

hello bessie:
thanks for peeping in and giving your comments.dr taylor has expressed it beautifully. and that is what meditation is all about.and it not only gives you peace; you spread it like an infection.the peace process will grow exponentially ultimately benefiting all humankind.

Anonymous said...