Saturday, October 06, 2007

herbal rosogollas

you have heard of herbal tea and herbal cosmetics surely. but now a sweet partnership between industry and academics has resulted in a variety of rosogollas which you can eat to your heart's content without any guilt.isn't that something really wonderful? for me,a diehard rosogolla lover this news brought me great cheers.of late,i have been under pressure to reduce my intake of sweets and rather unwillingly i have been keeping my sweet tooth under check. thanks to industrialist r k paul and the institute of chemical biology, jadavpur university, kolkata,we now have officially marketed herbal rosogollas.

durga puja is not far off and hindustan sweets have timed the entry of their herbal sweets well. when the demand is expected to be at its peak. 'spandan' for the heart; 'pran' for more vitamin 'a'; 'mukti', an anti-diabetes herb,helps to increase haemoglobin count; 'sushmi sandesh' and 'tulsi doi' guaranteeing you deep rest.

initial test marketing of the carrot-laced rosogolla has been a success.carrots provide carotene which is an active anti-oxidant and required in substantial quantitites by the human body of all age groups. the manufacturers claim that it can help fight cancer,malnutrition,lung disease and even slow the ageing process. cheaper than medicinal supplements,it is a value- added healthy food.

rabindra paul is looking at a huge rs 14,000 crores(annual) domestic market. he has also set his eyes on iran,iraq italy and the us markets from where he has received favourable response.

don't bat an eyelid and just do it.pop up a carrot-laced rosogolla and retain your youth.


Lotus Reads said...

gs, I have a sweet tooth too and I avoid rosgullas only because it takes just one rosgulla to reach my sugar quota for the week! How lovely to know that these herbal rasgullas exist. Are they easily available and how does it compare tastewise to the real thing?

gs said...

hi lr
that's a too on the,i better watchout.i haven't tried these yet.surely,on my next trip to kolkata,i will try to get hold of a few packets.there is another brand of 'diabetes rosogollas' which i tried and was quite disappointed with the flavour.too much of a rosy feeling in the mouth!

Lotus Reads said...

No, my concern with the sugar wasn't the diabetes (touch wood I don't have that) but with putting on weight, you know how weight conscious we women can be! :)

gs said...

hi lr
true.but i suppose an extra 5 minutes of workout might neutralise the weight gain!

edison said...