Monday, October 22, 2007

hey babby,muesli hai meri choice

i have become a little more experimental in what i eat these was shukto in kolkata last week,bonda paav at home and muesli recently.with some fresh apples and bananas.when all the main ingredients of muesli are considered to be important elements of a healthy diet,wouldn't it be a shame not to have it more regularly?

muesli,i found is a tasty way to start a contains oats and wheat grains which are rich in fibre.they help lower high cholesterol.walnuts,cashewnuts,raisin are all rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are good for the nervous system.fruits and raw vegetables can significantly reduce the risk of cancer and age-related diseases.

and i had a brown bread toast too with cheese in between the was a very very filling breakfast and a nutritious one too.i didn't need any lunch. i was feeling full! oh! i forgot the promegranate juice.they have more antioxidants than any other juice or beverage.even more than the chinese green tea and the french red wine.antioxidants help in keeping free radicals away from the body which can cause cancer,premature ageing and alzheimer's.

how long will i continue to have such wonderful breakfast and not fall into the temptation of masala dosa,paranthas and utthappams? time alone will tell.but one thing is certain.i need to watch my weight and my eating habits. with some regular tennis and yogasanas, i hope to sail through my current post60 syndrome.

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