Tuesday, May 08, 2007

the three unforgettable W's of cricket

i expected the talented west indies cricket team to spring a surprise and defeat the mighty australians in the world cup cricket tournament held during the last two months in west indies. perhaps, it was wishful thinking on my part. west indies crashed out earlier than many other teams. the charismatic brian lara could not work his magic. the once dominant team was felled in their homeground. many hearts were broken to see the eclipse of a great team rather early in the tournament.

they are a stylish and talented lot and are capable of huge scores which are required to win oneday matches. when the west indies cricket team came to kolkata in 1953 ,they created a record of sorts. on 1st April three of the teammembers scored centuries. they were everton weeks,frank worrell and clyde walcott. the three w's always struck terror in the hearts of the opposing team .I was reminded of this world record when I saw the pictures of these three great batsmen in the hindustan times when I was in kolkata last month.the world cup series was then in progress.

all the three were from barbados and born within a short distance of each other.everton weekes holds the world record of hitting five successive hundreds.he showed an admirable variety of strokes when he hit 194 at bombay in the 50's tour. he was knighted in 1955. clyde walcott was also a legend in his time.and frank worrell who was perhaps the best of the threesome was never forgotten by his folks from barbados for deserting this town and settling in jamaica both of them were also knighted.walcott was the best of the threesome.he was a good administrator too and also became the first non-white chairman of the international cricket council in 1993..weekes is alive,but worrell and walcott are gone. the three coalesced into one majestic unit when they played together.


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hi david
thanks for your comments.i have seen these players at eden gardens and also ramadhin,garfield sobers,hall and gilchrist.and alexander,the wicketkeeper.gilchrist's run-up was almost from the boundary line.they were a formidable lot and ruled in all departments of the game.

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