Monday, May 07, 2007

the lure of the yellow metal

the festival of 'akshaya tritiya' is a very auspicious occasion.this year it fell on two days.on 19th april and 20th april.according to shastras,anything purchased on these days will bring in luck and success.and they will increase wonder that people consider this day to be the ideal day for purchase of gold.many marriages are also performed on this day.

akshaya means never diminishing in sanskrit.goddess lakshmi is invited on this day to homes and her blessings are sought for wealth and prosperity.this day falls on the third day of the new moon of baishak(april-may).as per hindu astrology the sun and moon are most radiant and placed in the best position on this day which is devoid of any negative influences.

according to legend,veda vyasa began compiling the 'mahabharatha' on this day. according to another legend the pandavas received the akshaya paatram from lord krishna on this day.this provided them with unlimited food duirng their exile in the forest. it is celebrated in different states of our country in different bengal, a ceremony called 'halkatha' is performed before starting a new book of the north it is known as 'akshay teej' and mass marriages are conducted on this day.for maharashtrians, 'akshay trittiya' is one of the most auspicious festivals. kairichi panhe(mango juice) and vatli dal are served on this day.

this month witnesses a major gold rush.welcome gold bangles,gold necklaces and gold all the way. you are guaranteed everlasting wealth and prosperity.i too fell for the lure of the yellow metal! also we had a 'baby shower' for l and h on this auspicious day.

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