Friday, March 16, 2007

"cull the cullers"

last week when i was in bengalooru,i read in the newspapers about the mass killings of stray dogs.i was could the local corporation be so unreasonable, insensitive, cruel and shameful? and what was the provocation? the death of two school going children who were bitten to death by some stray dogs.the deaths occurred on jan10 and should never have happened at the first place.

the reaction from the general public was so strong that in a typical kneejerk response,the municipal authorities went on overdrive and ordered the culling of all stray is estimated that there are about 60,000 stray dogs in bengalooru alone.healthy dogs,pregnant dogs and puppies were all picked up indiscrimantely for slaughter.they were thrashed with nailspiked rods,strangulated,electrocuted and attacked with was shocking beyond can an "a" grade city indulge in such barbarious and uncivilised actions? it was butchery of the highest order.there was a huge outcry from the doglovers."cull the cullers" they demanded. finally the authorities decided to stop the culling and take preventive action.

the authorities now propose to intensify a public campaign to raise the awareness of licensing dogs.they have also decided to restart the abc(animal birth control) programme.a special committee has been formed for management of stray dogs.they are going to adopt a humane approach and study why some dogs are ferocious.the karnataka high court has intervened and given the municipal authorities 10 days' time to provide details on the abc programme.'who'(world health organisation) has repeatedly pointed out that stray dogs populations can only be thinned out through successful implementation of the abc programme.

instead of tackling the problem of urban filth at the roots,the authorities have been reacting from time to time in a hamhanded fact, there is evidence that men and women through their rash driving kill more humanbeings than the biting dogs.garbage. when you don't have an efficient disposal mechanism for garbage,the end result is what one saw in bangalooru.the government is resposible for the criminal neglect of garbage clearance.there is no urban hygiene.the filth and refuse on the streets attract mosquitoes,dogs and other insects that spread infections.dengue returns to city regularly and jaundice and typhoid outbreaks are common.all of us know that meat cooked and sold on the streets is the root cause of the dog menace.

not all stray dogs are ferocious.many are in fact friendly and are effective night watchdogs.indian stray dogs are known to be protective towards children and kolkata,recently, a newborn baby abandoned near a dustbin was guarded by three stray dogs throughout the night.they left only after the child was taken to a orphanage.and a stray dog saved a child during the tragic tsunami which hit the southern coast of india in 2004 december.

what then is the solution?

first, we have to get rational.not all dogs bite.
second,don't run or tease a dog.they sense fear or threat.
respect will see the difference.
third,government and municipality must adopt a scientific approach.a mass streilisation programme must be undertaken.neutering should be done before breeding cycle begins.
fourth, lifelongshelters must be provided where these dogs can be kept.
fifth,regular clearance of garbage from street corners. sixth, meat stalls to be shifted and seventh, roadside meatcooking must be stopped.

while karnataka was fretting and fuming on the dogbite deaths issue,in neighbouring maharashtra a stray dog quietly entered the legislative assembly at mumbai when the session was going on.and that caused a furore.the opposition took the deputy chief minister to task.they said it could bite anyone and must be immediately stopped from roaming around the premises. the minister dismissed the oppositon's fears and said that dogs are harmless creatures and that there is no danger.however if the opposition insists then he would order a high level inquiry into the matter.

there are many good samaritans too. take the case of filmstar of yesteryears jeetendra's children; ekta and tusshar kapoor who are also stars in their own right.for years now, they have been adopting stray pups and abandoned dogs.they have fourteen of them. they become very touchy when stray dogs are branded as a menace.they say that this issue must be handled sensitively.their family regularly contributes towards strerilisation of stray dogs.and there are many more such examples.

give the stray dog a him/her like you love your pet.he or she will reciprocate in greater measure.


Hema said...

I do agree with you mama.This issue must have been handled sensitively.Really a pathetic one.

gs said...

hi hema
i appreciate your concern.this is a national problem.a humane and sensitive approach mingled with practicality is what is required to find a permanent solution.

Lotus Reads said...

gs, I am a dog lover, but after seeing the situation of the stray dogs in Bangalore I am all for having them put to sleep in a most humane way possible.

I agree with you when you say that many of them are harmless and true, there have been stories of the bravery and loyalty of many, but the number of stray dogs in Bangalore is so out of control, that something has to be done about them.

My father (a heart patient) was chased by one recently and all he was doing was taking his morning walk. The dog obviously was savage from hunger or stressed from other things (street life is no fun for them) and savagely chased my dad who had to jump over a wall into the safety of someone's garden. Fortunately the shock of being chased didn't cause him to have another heart attack.

I do not agree with the way those 100's of dogs were put to death recently, but I am of the opinion that they cannot be allowed to roam the streets. It is not in their interest to do so and nor is it in the interest of the public to have these many viscious dogs around.

gs said...

hello lr
i was sorry to read about your dad being chased by a stray dog.that some of them are a menace is true.this problem is a national one and its intensity varies in degrees from city to city.if the municpal authorities had a plan in place for dealing with this issue,things would not have come to this pass.the first thing is abc(animal birth control).the second is doggie shelter.and garbage collection places must be kept clean.if these things are followed,no knee jerk reactions would be required.the ferocious automatically calm down and are no more dangerous for children or adults who are around.putting them to sleep is not the may momentarily reduce the problem but it is likely to crop up sooner or later.

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