Friday, March 02, 2007

chic accomodation on the cheap

add spices to hospitality and you get a smart,chic,elegant and modern,no-frills,convenient and comfortable hotel room for rs 999 plus taxes.having heard about this new budget hotel of the 'tatas', i decided to experience staying in 'ginger' during my last trip to bangalooru. i had a very satisfying stay for two nights.

located at whitefield in the 'IT' corridor and close to the information technology park, it is an ideal place to stay for those who have their work around this area. just about twenty minutes' drive from the airport and you are in a hip hotel using the latest technology to give you a bang for your bucks. you get a sizeable room with all modern amenities-room airconditioner,mini-refrigerator,worktable and a comfortable bed. an electric kettle for making your own tea(tetley,of course) and flatscreen tv with wifi connection .linen is maintained clean and changed every day.round the clock hot and cold water in the bathroom.

the multicuisine restaurant called the"square meal" serves only breakfast,lunch and dinner.the service is"diy" from the table. but then there are a few boys available to serve you if costs you rs 75 for breakfast and rs 165 for lunch/dinner. i happened to be there on 'valentine's day'. they had set up a lovely shamiana and a delectable buffet dinner with a wide spread. there is also a 'dial-a-meal' service,whereby you can order special meals by phone from selected restaurants who will then deliver it to the you enjoy best of both worlds. there is a kiosk for internet surfing, an atm machine,a conference room and even a small gym. for rs 999 plus taxes that was one helluva good deal. at a lower price point you get the features of a more upscale hotel.

the brand 'ginger' was created by landor associates who are headquartered in san fransisco.'ginger' is supposed to convey contemporariness,freshness and zest.and a hip urban attitude.the uniquely organic lettering is a visual treat.

this new concept has been hailed as an innovative thrust by indian hotels of the tata that has given birth to a low-cost,high quality business model.entirely different in its way of hospitality. services like concierge,laundry pick-up and room service are all eliminated. it is all "IT". auto check-in kiosks,internet reservation,touch screen feedback panels,wifi,etc. all giving you delight and value for money. there is also a doctor on call. with frequent load shedding in bangalooru,you would wonder whether you may have to suffer the trauma of darkness and summer heat. no,there is a cent percent power backup. the hotel has about 100 rooms and enjoys a high occupancy rate.

so next time you are in bangalooru, cut your accomodation costs and save money. this is an alternative way of hospitality from the 'tatas' which can be appreciated only when you stay in 'ginger'. it is not only hot and a garam masala. it is also coooooooool.


Hema said...

wow 'ginger' seem to be simply superb mama..somehow you identify a good hotel and i am happy to see that you are enjoying your life.Anyway thank you for the info.Let me give a try during my next India visit.

rums said...

What a great idea! was the name lool's idea?

Lotus Reads said...

Hi, gs!

I love the name "Ginger" you said, it does conjure up a fresh and zesty feeling about the place. My relatives are in the hospitality business in Bangalore, they run serveral furnished apartments, so I am sure "Ginger" is quite the competition for them. Thanks for letting us know about this place, it made for very enjoyable reading. Is there something similar in Bombay?

gs said...

hi hema
i am in bangalooru since y'day and staying in 'ginger'.you and h should try it out when you are here is a nice experience.

gs said...

hello rums
you are absolutely right.and that was one of the reasons which took me into this adventure.

gs said...

many thanks for your comments.i like the name conveys hip and happening and energy and a gungho feeling.there are a few competitors with similar business models and kamats of the ecohotel fame is,i think,one of them.furnished apartments may not face any threat because that is a different 'niche'.

Lulu said...

hi appa
nice write-up on ginger...and thanks for the publicity :)
just read in the paper yesterday that another hotel group in india is coming out with a chain of budget hotels called "peppermint"!

gs said...

hi lulu
it is bound to happen.see a success story and there are so many ready to jump into the bandwagon.metoos.
there is the 'mint' business daily from 'hindustan times' in an entirely different format.i love it.because it is like reading a distractions,no ads and all that stuff.
must try out peppermint on my next visit.
everyone wants to 'mint' money,it looks like.

edison said...

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