Monday, January 01, 2007

"buddy on demand"

he is a boon for women motorists who drive alone at night.

a survey conducted by a car insurance for females company in australia revealed that 82% of women feel less nervous about driving at night with someone sitting in the car beside them and nearly 50% don't like driving in the dark. what is the solution? the company came out with an ingenious idea. an inflatable man. a blow up passenger. call him what you like. he may not be the panacea for all the fears but can lessen the psychological burden on the female driver by providing the silhouette of a couple and make journeys in the dark less fearful. he appears at the flick of a switch. and when she has done with him she has to only pull a plug and he deflates and can be fitted in the glove box. he is "buddy on demand".

"sheila wheels" is an australian company launched one year ago to address all concerns of female car drivers in australia. it also designs and makes products which enhance value for female car drivers. australians refer to all women as sheilas. hence the name.and the idea seems to have found some nervous would be buyers. it is a prototype and is not available for sale yet.


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