Sunday, December 17, 2006

The World Is His Plate

he was in india some months back.probably the most interesting and adventurous cook around. he is also a writer. the superchef's two best selling novels are "kitchen confidential:adventures in the culinary underbelly" and "a cook's tour". he has also recently taken on the role of a tv show anchor .quite a multifaceted personality.anthony bourdain.

he visited 11 countries for the "anthony bourdain: no reservations" show. bengali fish, rajasthani royal fare and mumbai's street food will feature on his shows.he shot for national geographic at udaipur, mumbai and kolkata. and he says he had a whale of a time. drinking and eating.not in fine restautants but from the road shops. and he found the mumbai burger absolutely out of the world. mumbaikars will be happy to know that firstly a foreigner has fallen in love with 'aamchi mumbai' and secondly that omnipresent wada pav,the delight of the mumbaikars has caught his fancy.slathered with red and green chutney,decorated with raw onions and lots of green chillies and folded into a bun,the potato vada pav was about the best thing he has ever eaten,he proclaimed. he even met the dabbawallas when he was in mumbai.he loved the smoked curries made by the rajasthani royal family.and had jhalmuri in kolkata! he will never try to cook indian food he said. he would leave it to the indians. he found india beautiful but frustrating.

the 50 year old gastronome had travelled to india in search of new wisdom and old secrets.he has eaten a live octopus in korea, a cobra heart in ho chi minh city, a boiled foetal duck egg in vietnam and chicken skin,heart,wing and gizzards cooked in a black soy and mirin sauce in japan and drank ganja tea in puerto rico. he says he is completely dysfunctional and nothing makes him more nervous than cooking a simple italian meal in front of his girlfriend.

the loud and leanfaced and leanframed celeb chef is quite eccentric. but then isn't that the hallmark of brilliant people?

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