Thursday, December 28, 2006

laptops aplenty

it is going to be no notebooks but just laptops for schoolgoing children in mumbai. to reduce the burden of schoolbags,a school in a mumbai suburb,santacruz, has gone hi-tech. no more textbooks and notebooks. from academic year 2007,the podar international school will procure 'classmate pc' for students. it weighs only 1.3 kgs. and will cost about rs 20,000/-. the school is even prepared to subsidise the student's cost by 50%. the pc will be used extensively for doing class work,taking down notes during lectures,for reference work and any project related work. even for examinations based on multiple choice questions.the school has already provided 65 teachers with laptops costing rs 52,000 a piece. the pc will look just like a book.

in farwaway libya,the government of libya has reached an agreement with a nonprofit us group which is developing a lowcost educational laptop computer.the objective is to equip all 1.2 million libyan schoolchildren by june 2008 with a laptop. actually the originator of the idea is nicholas negroponte, the it guru. he is designing a wireless connected laptop that will cost about 100$ once the mass production commences.the laptops will be manufactured in taiwan. negroponte convinced munaawar gaddafi,president of libya,on this idea. in no time the libyan president found out the idea to be extremely appealing. it is likely that libya may become the first country in the world where all schoolgoing children are connected to the internet through educational computers.earlier when he was in cambodia, negroponte gave the cambodian children some experience in laptops,the first english word that came out of their mouths was "google"!

lalu prasad yadav,india's new management guru,who spoke in hindi very recently to a group of students from harvard and mit,has provided laptops to 4200 railway staff at a cost of rs 23 crores. he expects that there will be an increase in productivity as administrtaive and operational efficiencies of departments will improve. also it is a way of encouraging employees to carry their work home. according to a railway board member,their officials should have all the data at any point in time at their fingertips. surely with laptops with them that would be child's play.


Lotus Reads said...

Do you know what's funny? When I was growing up, I lived only a hop, skip and a jump away from Podar High School. At that time it was a vernacular school and definitely not one that stood out. St. Lawrence, Rose Manor, St. Teresa's Convent and Sacred Heart were the schools to go to, but somewhere along the way, Podar school changed management and voila, look at the transformation! Thank you very much for this post - I was really happy to read it,

gs said...

hi lotus reads
education is now also very wasn't so in the old days.and now because of competition,if schools do not modernise they might get left out in the cold.that is one of the main reasons why more and more schools are providing computer access for their students.and also rehashing school boards are getting more broadminded and forward thinking.

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