Wednesday, May 24, 2006


maybe it has got something to do with the weather. maybe not.

a recent survey conducted in uk for a car freshner manufacturer by smell expert david prybus revealed some interesting facts. car smells were ranked on a scale of 1 to 10.putrid to pleasant. the worst were from leeds and edinburgh while those from slough smelled the sweetest. the pungency in the rogue cars were from cigarettes,drinks cans,left over foods,and blankets which had locked in cat/dog odours. david prybus concluded that with temperatures going north,odours will make their presence felt more,hence it would be advisable that car owners do a thorough spring cleaning.

commuters in the far east in manila,phillipines are recently 'up in arms' against public drivers-bus,train and taxi whose stench has become unbearable. the authorities are advising the drivers to take a bath and apply deo. bus drivers negotiating the humid streets of manila have something more to worry about than their armpits. the utilities felt that their drivers must be presentable and should not drive barefooted and topless and wearing shorts. they must maintain decorum and seek medical advice for armpit odour,though a bath a day and some 'tawas' or deodarant should do the trick. come mid-may and the setting in of the monsoon, the stink will fly away. the devil is in the 35 celsius heat.

once voted to be the sexiest man alive,hollywood actor brad pitt is in the shithouse .he is no more hot. he stinks. he has made it to the unsexiest 100 men in the world. what a fall! and why? because he allegedly smells bad. he has hygiene and bo issues. but then he is not in really bad company. others accompanying him in the gallery include,bill gates,osama bin laden,michael jackson,ralph nader and art garfunkel.

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