Thursday, May 11, 2006


Surely,Lord Winston Churchill will turn in his grave when he hears this. A British company has been awarded a contract to clean loos at Churchgate Station,Mumbai. Not that our mehtars and mehtaranis(scavengers) have gone on strike. It is in spite of their doing their best. It is a massive problem. Seven lakh commuters every day passing through the station and the loo. The stink was "unsahikable" and "imporukable" as tams would say. lu(no pun intended) would vouchsafe to this statement,having done the commuting between Churchgate and Andheri for two full years.

The daily tabloids ran screaming headlines."The sun has set on the Britsh Empire"."The Raj has been done in"."India outsources loocleaning to UK".

Dinesh Kumar & Co of India has teamed up with Technical Concepts of UK, a hygiene solutions provider.Their first job was to clean up the Churchgate loo. Tech Concepts have installed 37 autojanitors in the gent's toilet after the revamp. Special biosense refills have been used to provide an "odour free" ambience. A special ducting system has been installed for ingress of fresh air.

A press report said "these heavily used urinals now have a refreshing whiff of fresh air". A transformation from a "stinking loo" to a" perfumed loo" it said.

I decided to test it out. Last Saturday,while returning home from work I dropped by. The corridor was not stinking. You didn't have to reach for your handkerchief. I entered the gent's toilet. It was "house full" and a slight stink was emanating.The stink was still there and not fully gone. But nevertheless a great improvement.

So,Mr Bill Yemc,MD of Tech Concepts has some homework left over to be done. He has to make it "zero stink". Till then the WR authorities should refrain from terming the experiment a "huge success". Bill Yemc is confident that the company would be able to provide sanitary solutions to customer's requirements!

A step in the right direction.


rums said...

uncle you never cease to amaze me :) your posts are so entertaining, really!!

gs said...

thanks rums for your comments.i like to see the lighter side of things these days.i don't know whether it is because i am ageing.

Lulu said...

very great to hear that such initiatives are happening in bombay. although i think we are culturally ingrained not to look after public property the same way we do personal property. so no matter how savvy the British technology is, unless we change our attitudes toward the use of public spaces, I think the stink will exist!
appa, i had no idea about the toilets at churchgate station. i never dared even attempt to go near them!

edison said...