Sunday, April 09, 2006


he is the owner and ceo(chef executive officer) of cafe spice namaste restaurant group wellknown for its original and novel approach to indian cuisine.six years ago,cyrus was awarded the mbe for his outstanding contribution to the restaurant and catering 1998 he had written a runaway successful book titled 'cafe spice namaste'.cyrus is a strong environmentalist and cooks with organic products as far as possible.considered to be the most creative chef working in indian cuisine today,cyrus has developed his own brand of blending ageold culinary techniques of india with surprisingly new and exotic ingredients.his restaurant in the uk has won numerous awards.he is a strong believer in people performance and believes in learning throughout life and considers training in restaurants like a religion.

he has come up with with innovative recipes for his cafe spice namaste in london."scallops with ginger and garlic" and "thoran with dahi bhaath" to maintain the balance.englishmen whose food is bland anyway,have gone ga-ga over cyrus and his hot and low fat curries.incorporating principles of ayurveda to make eating indian food a rich and rewarding experience.cyrus,who regularly features in bbc shows is a bit sceptical though of ayurvedic practioners "who will grab your wrist,check your pulse and tell you what to have for dinner".those who want to experience a 'khana mein twist',flock to his restaurants."if there is a god,the canteen in heaven will be run by Cyrus Todiwala."

british food enthusiasts have been recceiving dollops of advice from cyrus. they love his 'thought for food'.


Lulu said...

i must check out this restaurant, appa. thanks for letting me know. sounds very interesting andi'm surprised i hadn't heard about it as yet.

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