Friday, April 28, 2006

2 for 1

yesterday morning when i was quickly going through the 'midday' in my office,a small ad placed on top of the first page caught my attention. two meals for one it said. 2 for 1.' rajdhani' was inviting midday readers with this attractive offer.having been to rajdhani many years ago,and realising that i had no definite plans for lunch,it didn't take long for me to decide.i called my marketing chief on the intercom and suggested that we go out for lunch.he was quite thrilled.

rajdhani is located near crawford market. i had read in the papers about the huge arrivals of alphonso mangoes at crawford market and the drop in their prices.i jogged my memory to recall the name of the fruit vendor whom i had met about 6 months back and also whom i had covered in an article in dna.i had also written about him in my blog.the name came back in a flash.dasarath mane.our stock at home was over and i was going to kill two birds with one stone. 2 in 1.

we set off at 1.30 and within ten minutes of driving we were there. but then there was a huge rush. the owner was apologetic and requested us to hang around for some time. inside it was chocoblock.there was a nice canopy outside which gave us some shade against the strong sun. we waited for about twenty minutes for our call. we were ushered in fast to a twoseater. the thali appeared in no time and then the waiters descended with hot puris,rotis,dokla,bhajiya,kadi,et al. then came khichdi with ghee followed by aamras. the meal was thoroughly enjoyable. fast service,piping hot food,courteous waiters,good ambience,comfortable airconditioning and even a jug and bowl to wash your hands after your meal. all for rs 125/2=rs 62.5. not a bad deal.

good and heavy food has to be followed by a good digester.we had pan.kalkatta meetha from the paanwalla just outside. and it was time to call on dasarath mane.he was overjoyed to see me and quickly took out the best aapoos-four dozens of them and packed them nicely in a wooden caase.i trusted him so much that i didn't have to check the quality was all over in a breeze.the cost rs 700.he gave me a bit of advice.saab,please come again within the next four weeks.till then the quality will remain good and the prices too. come may end and the arrivals will start reducing and once the monsoon sets in it is finito for the year.

i felt elated.i had bought the best of mangoes,ratnagiri aapoos. s loves them too. only one fundamental precaution we take when we eat more than one. drink milk simultaneously .otherwise there could be a storm in the stomach!


Lulu said...

hi appa,
wish i had more time in bombay last week. would loved to have visited all these fab restaurants you have been eating at!

gs said...

lulu,there is always a next time.we will do it during your next visit.

rums said...

uncle we used to eat at rajdhani all the time while in economic times. your post made me nostalgic :)

edison said...