Saturday, February 11, 2006

The New Converts

More and more people are turning to vegetarianism.It is not a trend in India alone.It is happening all over the world.Call it the impact of Yoga, call it the call of Gurus like Deepak Chopra,BKS Iyengar,Sri Sri Ravi Shankar or Baba Ramdev. People are making fundamental changes in their eating habits.They are giving up meat and fish and turning a new leaf.The major trigger for this change is the concern over health.People are becoming more health conscious.There are more people exercising now than before.There is literally a Yoga boom.And with it comes the suggestion of having Satvik food for mental and physical wellbeing.. The virtues of eating fresh fruits and vegetables are being extoled.Calorie counting is the in-thing now.One fallout of this phenomenon is that nonvegetarian restaurants are biting the dust.

The latest casualty in Mumbai is Ovenfresh,the Italian cafe at Shivaji Park .It has gone veggie,much to the consternation of the carnivores.And what is it offering now? Vegetable Biryani,Veg Lollipop,Veg Manchurian,Pahadi Kabab and Veg Bolognaise among a plethora of veggie dishes!

Actually for the record,,the original kebab was vegetarian.When man began to eat,he ate the produce off the ground.He often grilled it to make what we now call the kebab.Though from the time of Chenghis Khan,the kebab has come to be synonymous with non-vegetarian fare, historically the kebab has been vegetarian. Now there are delicious dishes such as Veg Galouti,Veg Murtabbak etc. etc. While the former is so soft that it melts in your mouth, the latter is a stack of thin romali rotis,layered with herbal paneer and potatoes and coated with ghee and saffron. Ambrosia,India's first Aurvedic fine-dining restaurant in New Delhi serves you all these delicious dishes. Next time you are in Delhi don't miss it out.


rums said...

hmmm i don't think i can give up non-veg food ever. the operative word i think is moderation. i was reading The Intelligent Life (it's an yearly issue brought out by The Economist) the other day and there was an excellent article on these health fads, it said that there is nothing wrong with eating butter and stuff cooked in animal fat, but it should be balanced by vegetables, cereals and fruits.
but uncle we must pay a visit to ambrosia next time you are in delhi.

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