Sunday, February 19, 2006

Colour of Spring(Rang de Basanti)

having read several raving reviews of this movie we watched it at inox last night.we were very impressed.very good story,excellent acting by almost everyone,terrific cinematography and great music by ar rehman.three hours of entertainment.

the message in the movie is for the younger generation.the nextgen.don't just fritter away your time,in having fun-fast cars,drinking and hiphop music.our forefathers had made huge sacrifices for getting us independence from british something tangible to improve the lot of the country.don't just sit and criticise or remain a change agent.if corruption has to be removed go ahead and do something about it.

the foursome get the message and when their friend is killed in a mig crash decide to take revenge on the defence minister responsible for buying defective spareparts.they kill him.

the movie begins with an english girl coming to india to shoot a film on bhagat singh and other freedom fighters.her grandfather worked for the empire and oversaw the hanging of bharat singh.he writes all this in his diary which the granddaughter reads after many many years.and is moved so much as to decide to produce a movie on these freedomfighters.she meets her friend soha ali in india who takes her to the university campus.she sees the foursome and after meeting them decides that they will be the main actors. aamir khan acts brilliantly as dj.the direction is very cleverly done and past scenes during the uprising are juxtaposed with the present film shooting.

too early to say but could be our nomination for this year's oscar. thanks to maneka gandhi the picture that you see had to be censored.pranab mukerjee and chiefs of defence staff were shown the movie before it was commercially released.good pr work by the controversy.and the cash boxes continue to is a superhit.


Lulu said...

the time out mumbai you sent me has a less than glorious review of rang de basanti but since even amma seems to have enjoyed it, i have to watch it now. time to go to brick lane and get a dvd copy.

gs said...

i thought 'time out' critic was a bit harsh.rdb is a thoroughly enjoyable movie.original story dull moment.and aamir khan speaks in punjabi all the time.he acts brilliantly as the son of sikh parents.the general opinion is that it is a great i said,it is not just a is a superhit.

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